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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Major General Dmitry Petrovich Rezvyi

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(1762 31 January 1823)

Dmitry Petrovich Rezvyi enlisted in the army in 1781. Four years later he was sergeant in the Life Guard Artillery Regiment, and in May 1786 was promoted to ensign. In June 1788, he became captain. Rezvyi fought at Ochakov in 1788, Akkerman and Bender in 1789 and Macin in 1791. He took part in the Polish Campaign of 1794 and was awarded the Order of St. George (4th Class) for the participation in the assault on Praga. In August 1796, he was promoted to major in the 2nd Cannoneer Regiment and in January 1797, he was transferred as colonel to the Schlusselberg Infantry Regiment. In August 1798 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and participated in the Swiss Campaign of Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov. He was promoted to major general on 27 October 1799 and in September 1800 was appointed chef of battalion of the 2nd Artillery Regiment. Emperor Paul I awarded him the Order of St. John of Jerusalem on 16 December 1800. In September 1801 Rezvyi became chef of the 4th Artillery Battalion and in 1803, he was chef of the 2nd Artillery Regiment. He actively participated in the artillery reforms of Aleksey Arakcheyev and was awarded the Order of St. Anna (2nd Class). In June 1805, Emperor Alexander conferred him a nobility. Rezvyi participated in the 1807 Campaign in Poland and fought at Eylau, Guttstadt, Heilsberg and Friedland. For his actions, he was awarded the Order of St. Anna and a sword with diamonds. He then joined the Moldavian army and received the Order of St. George (3rd Class). However, Rezvyi was soon disgraced by Arakcheyev, who was informed of Rezvyis critical comments of him. Arakcheyev haunted him for the rest of his life. Thus in 1814, Arakcheyev did not approve Rezvyis promotion to lieutenant general, though Rezvyi served as major general for over 15 years. Furthermore, Arakcheyev forced him to resign from the army on 29 December 1815. Rezvyi spent the next eight years in St. Petersburg and died on 31 January 1823.

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