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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Lieutenant General Sergei Fedorovich Zheltukhin

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(1776, Kazan – 14 June 1833, Kazan)

Sergei Fedorovich Zheltukhin was born to a noble family in Kazan gubernia; brother of Peter Zheltukhin. He was enlisted as sergeant in the Life Guard Izmailovsky Regiment on 28 November 1784 and was promoted to ensign in 1797. The next year he became flugel-aide-de-camp to Alexander I and was promoted to sub-lieutenant. He was promoted to colonel on 13 April 1804 and participated in campaigns against the French in 1805-1807. He fought at Austerlitz, receiving the Order of St. Vladimir (4th Class) with ribbon, and was wounded at Friedland, getting the Order of St. Vladimir (3rd Cass) and the Prussian Pour le Merite. In 1808, he was appointed commander of the Siberia Granadier Regiment (4 October) and sent to the Army of Moldavia. Next year, he became shef of the Penza Musketeer Regiment on 14 July 1809. He took part in the actions at Giurgiu, Lovech and Kladovo and captured Olmar Island. For his actions, Zheltukhin was promoted to major general on 10 October while his regiment was transformed into the 45th Jager Regiment on 31 October. He also served in the divan of the Moldavia and Wallachia. During the battle at Ruse in 1811, he commanded the central square of the Russian army. In 1812, he was attached to the 3rd Brigade if the 22nd Division of the 1st Corps of the Army of Danube. He joined the operations against the French in late October and fought at Borisov and Berezina. In 1813, he commanded the 10th Infantry Corps. At Leipzig, he was wounded in the leg and awarded the Order of St. Anna (1st Class). In late 1813, he joined General Stroganov’s Corps besieging Hamburg and then was transferred to Baron Winzegorode. During the 1814 Campaign, Zheltukhin distinguished himself at Laon and at Paris, being awarded the Order of St. Vladimir (2nd Class), the Prussian order of the Red Eagle, and Swedish Order of the Sword. In 1815 - 1819, Zheltukhin commanded the 3rd Brigade of the 22nd Division and then became commander of the 13th Division on 14 February 1819. He was promoted to lieutenant general on 24 December 1824. Three years later, he was given command of the 18th Division on 13 January 1827. Over next two years, he also commanded the 12th Division and the Combined Division of the 4th Corps. In May 1829, he assumed command of the reserves of the 2nd Army. He was discharged and ordered to remain in the army on 23 December 1829. He died three years later at Kazan.

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