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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Lieutenant General Apollon Stepanovich Zhemchuzhnikov

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(2 January 1765 5 August 1840)

Apollon Stepanovich Zhemchuzhnikov was born to a noble family in St. Petersburg, his father being vice-admiral of the Russian navy. He graduated from the Infantry Cadet Corps in 1785 and joined the Revel Musketeer Regiment as a lieutenant. He took part in the campaigns in Poland in 1792-1794, and distinguished himself at Vilna; for his actions he was promoted to second major by Alexander Suvorov. On 21 March 1801, he became a colonel and next year he was transferred to the Tavrida Grenadier Regiment and participated in the 1805 Campaign. In December 1806 January 1807, he fought at Pultusk and Eylau; on 28 April 1807, he was given command of the Tavrida Grenadier Regiment (commanded until September 1811) and fought at Landsberg (where he was wounded in the hand and chest), Heilsberg and Friedland. In 1811, he was assigned to train the recruits and commanded a company in Tver in 1812, missing any military operations. He then joined the main army during the 1813 Campaign and fought at Spandau, Lutzen, Bautzen, Leipzig, Magdeburg, and Hamburg, receiving the Order of St. Anna (1st Class), of St. George (3rd Class), and the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle. He was promoted to major general on 27 September 1813 with seniority since 2 May 1813. In 1814, he took part in the siege of Hamburg. During the Hundred Days, he marched with the Russian army back to the Rhine. He was soon appointed to command of the 1st Brigade of the 8th Division and then became commander of the 29th Division on 13 January 1819. He was promoted to lieutenant general on 3 September 1826 and retired because of poor health on 2 February 1838.

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