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Russian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars: Major General Egor Gavrilovich Zuccato

By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS

(?? - August 1810)

Major General Egor Gavrilovich Zuccato (often misspelled as Tsukato) was descended from an ancient Venetian family. He served in Wuttemberg and then joined Russian army in 1788 as second major. He fought at Ochakov and was awarded the Order of St. George (4th class). In 1791, Zuccato was promoted to lieutenant colonel and joined the 1st Marine Regiment. In October 1794, he was in the Cavalry Regiment of the Military Order (Konno-grenaderskii Voennogo Ordena Polk) and fought at Praga, receiving the Order of St. Vladimir (4th class). He retired in March 1797, but returned to service in 1799 and was assigned to General Rosenberg’s corps. He participated in the Italian and Swiss campaigns of 1799 and fought at Trebbia and Novi. He was promoted to major general in October 1799, skipping the rank of colonel. He was discharged in March 1800, but then was reinstated in November of the same year and served in the Military Collegium until late 1808. In 1809 he was transferred to the Moldavian Army and was awarded the Order of St. George (3rd class) for his actions at the battle of Rassevat. In the summer of 1810, he fought in Serbia and captured several Turkish fortresses along the Danube. For this success, he was awarded the Order of St. Anna (1st class) in July 1810. He suddenly died in August 1810.

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