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Gareth Glover's Letters from the Battle of Waterloo

By Robert Burnham

Letters from the Battle of Waterloo
I am pleased to announce a new project for the Napoleon Series. We have joined with Greenhill Books in their campaign to spread the news about a new edition of Gareth Glover's Letters from the Battle of Waterloo which was first published in 2004. About six months ago, Michael Leventhal contacted me and asked if I would take a look at the new edition of the book that has been long out of print. For those not familiar with the book, it contains over 300 letters that were not included in Major General Herbert Siborne's Waterloo Letters. That book contains about 190 letters that were written to General Siborne's father, Lieutenant William Siborne, who is best known for The History of the Waterloo Campaign. It was first published in 1840 and was the definitive account of the Waterloo Campaign until relatively recently. Lieutenant Siborne drew heavily on those letters to write the book. He also used it to create the Waterloo Diorama, which still can be seen today at the National Army Museum.

Although Waterloo Letters is a massive compilation of the letters Lieutenant Siborne received, not all of those received were included in the book.Gareth Glover has unearthed the missing letters and has published over 300 of them. As part of the publicity campaign for the new edition of Letters from the Battle of Waterloo Gareth has allowed me to interview him on the book and its importance. The interview will be in several parts and I invite all of you to submit questions about the book to me that you would like to see Gareth answer. Addtionally over the next months, we will be providing sample letters to whet your interest in the book.

Some of you may ask why did I not just write a review of the book? A valid question. One reason is because the publisher has offered every member of the Napoleon Series a 25% discount on the price of the book if they order the book through the link below. Furthermore, the Napoleon Series will receive a 10% commission for every book bought by a reader of the Napoleon Series. Information on how to order the book can be found below.

Gareth Glover's Biography

The Interview with Gareth Glover

Part 1
Part 2

Sample Letters

#61: Lieutenant Anthony Bacon, 10th Hussars
#62: Lieutenant Anthony Bacon, 10th Hussars

#93: Lieutenant Lewis Heise, King's German Artillery discuses the role of the KGA at Quatre Bras. It also provides very good sketches of position of the guns.
#175: Captain Charles Gore, ADC to General Sir James Kempt explain how's finally answered how Byjlandt's troops fitted into the front line at Waterloo.

How to Order the Book: to obtain the 25% discount and to help support the Napoleon Series, go to the Pen & Sword website. At the check-out you will be asked for a discount count code. Enter GLOV25 Please note that the discount does not include postage. The offer ends on 31 October 2018.

Placed on the Napoleon Series: August - September 2018


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