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Corrections to Napoleonic Artillery

By Stephen Summerfield

Anthony L Dawson, Paul L Dawson and Stephen Summerfield (2007) Napoleonic Artillery, Crowood Press.

Like any work of this breadth with three authors and an editor errors creep in at the various stages especially when dealing with different languages. This list was first produced in January 2008 when the authors received their copies of the book and has been added to by a number of thoughtful contributors. It is hoped that in a second edition that these and others will be solved. The book alas was published before a proof copy was sent to the Authors.

A note upon the spelling should be made. The word Rechtsmaschine/ Richtsmachine/ Rechtmachine/ Richtmachine occur in contemporary sources.

A number of German speakers were consulted and the one used were their preferred spelling depending upon the language (English, French or German). In modern German it should be Richtmaschine.

Metric measurements were used throughout to avoid confusion. The naming of contemporary measures came from French and English sources so in the case of German, Italian and Russian measures they may be so differences in spelling.

There is no excuse for spelling our esteemed colleague Jörg Titze wrong on Page 90, 212, 253, 254 and 258.

The aim of the book was to open up the field of artillery to a new audience. The coverage could have been deeper but would have required a second volume. The choice of black and white pictures was that of the publisher as most of the pictures were in colour when submitted. All plans were redrawn to a common scale because it permitted comparison between countries that used different measures and the poor state of most of the plans that they were traced from.

Please contact the authors if there are any further clarifications corrections required.


Page 24 Clarification

The thumbstall (an American term) is known as the fingerstall (English) and Doigtier (French). The thumb and the first finger are the most used digits so the loss or either of these would be serious.

Page 33 para 2, line 7

Replace Templehof with Tempelhof

Page 37 Plate

Replace "M1770" with "M1780"

Page 43 upper Plate

Replace "M1808" with "AnXI"

Page 62 Table 3.1

Para 6 [M1765/M1777 Gribeauval) 8-pdr Tube Length = 184cm Delete M1808 6-pdr as this was a prototype that did not go into production.

The 7-pdr howitzer was a copy of the Austrian 7-pdr Howitzer The 24-pdr (5.9in) Howitzer should be designated M1803 (AnXI)

Page 63 [bottom] Plate

218cm long rather than 234cm long

Page 73 Plate

Replace "The M1803 (AnXI) system 24-pdr howitzer" with "M1803 24-pdr howitzer carriage with M1795 "Longe Porte" 6.4in (10-pdr)."


Page 86 Table 3.4 [para 2 line 5, column 8]

Replace 1000g with 1500g for the Shot Weight of the 4-pdr (3-pdr)

Page 87 (bottom)

Kingdom of Italy M1807 3-pdr was a Gribeauval 4-pdr but to 3-pdr calibre of 76mm cast in Pavia. (HMG, Vienna)

Page 88 Table 3.5 [para 1 line 8]

Delete 4-pdr from in front of Granatstuck and the Calibre was 120mm.

Page 89 [column 2, para 2, line 3 and 5]

Delete 4-pdr.

Page 89

Replace Frederich with Friedrich

Page 91 [column 1, para 2, line 8]

Delete 4-pdr

Page 92 Table 3.6 [para 1, line 3]

The Pre-1808 6-pdr was 168cm long

Page 125 Table 5.1 [para 20, column 3]

Replace "91mm" with "94mm"

Page 128 [para 3 line 7]

Delete "of the Imperial Guard."

Page 128 Bar Chart

Replace "Junot" with "Mortier"

Page 129 Bar Chart

Replace "Lannes" with "Messana"

Replace "Junot" with "Mortier"

Table 5.4 [para 3, column 4]

Replace "180cm" with "170cm"

Page 136 (top) Plate

Replace "Darmstadt M1756" with "Cassel M1770"

Page 136 (bottom) Plate

Replace "Darmstadt M1796 10-pdr" with "Cassel M1770 30-pdr Howitzer [Schloss Frederichstein Museum]

Page 138 Table 5.8 [para 4, column 5]

Replace "180cm" with "170cm"

Page 160 Figure

Replace M1757 Rostaing 1-pdr with M1786 1-pdr bronze swivel gun with iron cascable.

Page 159 [column 1, para 3, line 2)

Delete "and 4-pdr."

Page 161 Figure

Delete "existed in a 3-pdr calibre."

Page 173 Figure

M1775 Gribeauval Long 24-pdr siege gun on M1803 Siege/Garrison carriage limbered, with the barrel in the travelling position. [Musee de L'Armee]

Page 181 Caption

Replace Templehoff with Tempelhof

Page 247 (para 247 line 3)

insert after ruptured "either in flight or"

Page 292 (column 2, para 15)

Tube length. The length of the gun tube from the back plate to the muzzle.


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