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I recently bought some flags from this manufacturer as I am always interested in new products like this (and the wife doesn't mind me spending a few dollars on my "focused interest"). They can be previewed at the MagWeb site by clicking on "Russ' Radar Lockon" and going to "reviews."

The flags themselves are as detailed as the Signifer ones but weren't, IMHO, quite as well printed. In a couple the detail was there but very hard to see. Their historical accuracy is better than Signifer's in that they include the older type of centre with the sun and legend "Nec soli cedit" where appropriate, but a couple of regiments-standarten had same coloured field and centre where they should have been reversed to the Leib-standarten. As they are a SYW (no you don't, Nick, I am NOT starting another period. Yet.) they are more suited to the pre-1806 army than 1808-15 and other nationalities may not be suitable at all.

They are also in the "bigger" 15mm size appropriate to AB, Old Glory and other figures. They are on good quality paper and require white glue for attachment. The included instructions make all this clear. The innovation is the inclusion of "battle-damaged" flags for each regiment. They require a bit more effort to cut out but look great.

Overall I'd say that they're nearly, but not quite, up to Signifer's standard except for accuracy. I can't comment on 25mm sheets but Russ Lockwood rated them better than Signifer and that is saying something. Given that it's a new company and the amount of research being put into them I'd say they'll improve over the next few months. I'd definitely rate them above Revo and Stone Mountain, but below Signifer (just). If you're doing SYW definitely order some samples. If you're doing Revolutionary or early Napoleonics they will fill a few gaps in the existing ranges. A complete list can be found at the HMGS site on the WWW and a few bucks (couple of quid, few francs, kroner, et al) is worth paying for a look. And remember, this is only MY opinion. You may think otherwise when you get them.

I've got some Saxon flags coming from Signifer as well as some new ACW and I'll let you know what my opinion is, if anyone's interested.

Reviewed by Dallas Gavan


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