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EuroMilitaire 2000

23-24 September 2000. Saga Pavilion, Sandgate, Kent, UK.

EuroMilitaire is an annual event held in Folkestone Kent in the United Kingdom. It is considered one of the premier model shows. It is sponsored by Nexus Publications, who publish the magazine "Military Modelling," which I believe is available in the USA. This year the event was staged at the Saga Pavilion, as the usual venue was undergoing refurbishment. The show went off well enough and was well supported by the trade. The numbers of visitors seemed up to the norm for this year's event. As usual the plastic took a hammering but the results were worth it.

Of particular note was the competition area where models of all periods were on display. Napoleonics were there in their usual numbers. The standard of the figures, dioramas and vignettes were superb, as is always the case at this show.

Numerous reenactment societies were present and showed their usual enthusiasm, with a great many questions from the general public. Of particular note were the Polish Lancers and Grenadiers a Pied, all looking totally resplendent in their full dress uniforms, carrying out various drills, etc. (apologies I omitted to get their society's name).

Many of the European manufacturers were on hand with some exciting and unusual figures. One I particularly liked was 'Napoleon at the Arcola Bridge,' a very nice vignette of four figures, with Napoleon carrying the standard leading troops over the bridge. I think it is based on Vernet's painting of that incident. Also another of 'The Retreat from Moscow,' was very evocative and extremely well painted. Three other figures caught my eye, as they were unusual subjects. The first was a Napoleonic naval gun crew in full throes of running out a gun. The other two were of Nelson: the first a thoughtful piece called 'The Last Letter,' and the other of Nelson at the point when he was shot, along with the marine sergeant who came to his assistance. Both were nice items and not the usual run-of-the-mill types. This is an era model manufacturers seem to have neglected in the past, now happily this seems to be being redressed.

If any of you do paint figures then this is the show to attend as the standards are extremely high and are very inspiring. If the opportunity to attend this show ever comes along I urge you to attend; you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Reviewed by Alan Hills. 11/00.


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