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25mm Saxon and French Garde Flags

Signifer Flags

First let me say that these flags are the near-mythical "freebies" that, like unicorns and virgins, ver few people have ever seen let alone handled. I make the point because I think these are the best examples I've seen, but I want you to know that the fact Kevin sent them to me has nothing to do with my opinion. They're in the wrong scale for me and will be passed to Koen for his pinion and some will also go into the club's "samples" box. Kevin and I have traded magazines, information and even a slouch hat for years now, and the occasional sample offering is not unusual. Similarly, Regimental Colours added in a spare sheet as a sample and Nic of Eureka Miniatures lets his mail order customers have samples of new figures. It's a great business ploy and best yet, constructive criticism is valued by most companies.

The flags for the Saxons cover the infantry regiments 1 to 8 and seem to be based on the examples found in Over, Rawkins and George Nafiziger's works (which all agree, fortunately). They contain a Leibfahne and Regiments-fahne each for the two regiments in each pack. A listing of what is available is available is available on Signifer's web-site at

These flags are very, very good. The border details, which were individual for each regiment, are well represented with minimal, if any, simplification that I can see. The backgrounds of the Regiments-fahne are correct according to the sources described above although exact shades are difficult to define, or reproduce, from descriptions.

I don't know how these are going to reproduce in 15mm, but if you have some of "Bernadotte's Stormtroopers" in 25mm that require a colour, then try these. I doubt you'll get better without paying for individually hand-painted flags.

The flags for the 1st and 2nd regiments of the Grenadiers and Chasseurs of the Garde Imperial, in 25mm, came as well. These are the creme de la creme of this range, despite being from the "wrong" country. (Why, oh why won't someone do a 15mm flag for the Schlessisches Kuerassiere Regt Nr1 with the correct rechts zur sonne fliegender Adler and correct purple field?) All the detail from battle honours to superscripting to accents is there. I've seen similar offers from OG and Revo but they're not a patch on these. If you've got some grognards running around then get some of these!

Just as an aside, for those interested in the ACW 6mm and 20mm US and CS are available, Connecticut and New York state colours 2 and 3 are available in 15 and 25mm (and very nice too although the NY cav flags seem to be 20mm) and lastly Swiss, Burgundian and Imperial renaissance period in 15 and 25mm.

Koen will follow up with his opinion when he receives them, for all those who want an "unbiased" view.

Reviewed by Dallas Gavan


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