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You can find info on their catalogue and more on the manufacturers' list at The Miniatures Page.

I've bought their Austrian Napoleonic flags to replace all the flags my valiant white clad troops were carrying - they had Revo up till then.

Once I met the guys at last Salute and had a glimpse through their catalogues, I immediately knew I had to have these flags.

The flags are computer scanned and printed. Very high detail and good quality (I suspect at least 300 dpi, maybe even 600). Those of you that know the Austrian flags used in this period will appreciate this immediately (you can easily make out all the different coats of arms around the eagle's neck)!

The colours seem to be correct, unlike Revo flags where they can sometimes be very faded or simply off.

They are printed on a thin good quality paper, which makes it easy to fix and fold them using woodglue or PVA.

The only downside is the size, they're actually a bit too large for the scale they're intended for, but I don't think it's too bad actually, as it gives a good emphasis to your command stands!

Conclusion: I highly recommend these flags!!

They seem to be available through various distributors, a.o. Brookhurst in the States, and have an email address so the guys down under can check where to get them without having to pay more on postage than on flags.

Reviewed by Koen De Smedt


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