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Hold onto your seats guys and gals as its going to be a ride and a half! We are now talking Wargames Foundry! Watch out there boys and get your better half out of the room and prepare to spend!

Well where to begin? OK right at the top with their Marshals, generals, ADC's and the Great Man himself.

Superlative on superlative. Need I say anymore? These figures are the bees knees, ankles wings and stripes - the only sting being the price - but then you pays your money...and gets so far the very best. I mean to say Davout looks like Davout, Murat looks like the pompous, arrogant ass that he was - just give him cavalry and he's in his element! (Sounds just like someone we know J - Webmaster's note) The French general in cuirass is an ideal figure to put at the head of that Cuirassier brigade you have just bought - you mean to say you haven't? Well you will when you see their cuirassiers!

The cuirassiers are a peach. Big lads, big horses. Sit them next to light cavalry and you can see that there's a difference. The horses are big, mean and evil with a glint in their eyes that says "go coochy coo with me and I'll eat your face." One trooper (charging) comes in 2 halves. This allows some flexibility in poses, adding a certain something to your regiments.

The infantry? I only have their line troops as yet - no Garde, but I like what I see. The sapeur is a little weedy but there you go (If you want the big bugger of a sapeur he's with the hussars). Infantry are available in habit longue or our spencer. Unfortunately the shako plates in 1812 uniform aren't the same as ours, being the diamond shape, but for a circa 1809 unit the habit longue types are ideal. Mix in one of WF's vignette groups - the advancing under fire one (very nice mini diorama that one capturing the experience of an attack in column) - and what a column you'll have!

The légère are even better - my heart is breaking (well okay my wallet but being a Yorkshireman what's the difference?). The skirmishing soldats are la crème - one chap laid down with the daisy's watching out for any nasty surprises. Another takes careful aim to get rid of one of those surprises and others get loaded up ready to get stuck in. You will want at least 2, 24 figure battalions (well it's only what I've done) to get the full selection and do them justice.

Light cavalry. So far I have only seen their line lancers and hussars. I really like the hussars, not that keen on the lancers. They are smaller than the heavy cuirassiers, which is a difference from other manufacturers. The hussars look suitably piratical with their hair plaited and queued. The sapeur is one heck of a mean bugger and looks suitably impressive, with a real big chopper (I'm jealous). So get some hussars, you just know it makes sense.

Artillery, as yet I have only got the 1812 ý pied gunners, and both versions of horse artillery, but they are all nice - in fact the Perry Twins should be executed as their figures are just too good for our own good, and the way they advertise them as well. Just getting us salivating for another fix of that lead... the bastards!

Final conclusion then? OK, here is the truth... BUY YOURSELF A BRIGADE! AND THEN DON'T STOP (I think the Perry twins should be paying me for this!) One thing though - you have been warned - you will go back for more... I did, I'm now doing caissons.

Reviewed by Andy Thorpe


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