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Right ok, where to begin? The Concept - large bags of up to 30 figures (100 in 15mm) in a loose area of say advancing or march attack. Why? Ostensibly to make figures cheaper to the gamer... My reading? Buy a bag of 30 line fusiliers - that's fine, but 30 elites? That means I need another bag - at least of line - so more figures, more profit. Not of course that there is anything wrong with that! (There's an idea.)

I can only speak of the packs I've bought which are FXI 12 (Line command) (20 figs for £9), FXI 13 (fusiliers) (£12.50 to 1/1/98), 14 (elite companies) (£12.50) - that's around 42p per figure which ain't too bad, and FXI 20 (energetic French) and 21 (falling wounded) (15 figs each set, £7.50). Firstly these figures are quite animated in comparison to the superlative Foundry. (I think Foundry are now the benchmark by which all others must be marked against). They are not quite as good as Foundry either. The strong point is that there a number of different variations in each pack.

The Energetic French seem to have but one objective - stick the shako on the end of your musket/sabre/drumsticks - delete as appropriate. Now this may be fine for one or two figures in a battalion but that still means you will need to get 8 bns at least. The same case holds true for the falling wounded. I would much rather prefer if the figures were supplied in battalion packs of 18, 24 or 36 figures, with or without flag (as appropriate) but there you go. The command set includes a few Eagle bearers, officers, tambours - some who seem ready to try and smash their drumsticks through the drumskin, and finally some NCO's - although these guys are bereft of the sabre briquet which was one mark of their office.

So in conclusion what to say? Well the figures are relatively cheap, I do have some reservations about them, e.g. possibly having superfluous figures, but again they are cheap. Not as good as Foundry but certainly Old Glory are one to watch. The concept at Old Glory seems to be similar to Games Workshop in many ways - the whole kit. Old Glory for example work closely with several leading scenery companies. Anyway I have my 3 battalions worth, anyone want any spares? :-)

Reviewed by Andy Thorpe


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