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This new range from the talented Mr. Barton consists of Infantry, Cavalry, foot and horse artillery as well as figures of Poniatowski & ADC.


The "grunts" are growing again. Anthony Barton is now working to a constant 1:100 scale rather than the more fluid 15mm that is often used. This means that the figures will tend to be larger, but that equipment will be in a constant scale. These figures aren't as big as his Bavarians of a few years ago, but bigger by about 1mm than the other AB figures I have.

The figures come in Fusilier, Voltigeur and Grenadier categories. They are, as usual, very well detailed and animated. The fusiliers come in kurtka, czapka sans cords and overalls. They are at the march attack. The grenadiers come in either bearskin or czapka and are also in march attack. The bearskin comes "clean" - no cords nor plumes and no plate.

The voltigeurs have a czapka with bugle-horn badge, pom-pom and tuft. There are three variations- loading, firing and advancing. The badge and tuft mean these figures are really only suitable for the 14th INF REGT, but a knife and some deft paintwork will fix that. A Voltigeur with plume would have been a better choice, I think. Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


Lancers and Chasseurs a Cheval. The Lancer varies from the previous range, having uncovered czapka and lambskin saddle-cloth. Once again, a bit bigger than the previous figures. Very nice, though, with at least three different trooper poses, all at rest. The officer and trumpeter are similarly dressed, which means the trumpeter is suitable for the 3rd and 15th regiments. For other regiments, use a French trumpeter in colpak or the new Chasseur trumpeter. For those wanting elite company troopers in colpack, there aren't any, worse luck.

The Chasseurs come in habit kinsky, shako with pom-pom and overalls. The officer and trumpeter are wearing colpak and may be used for the elite company. Once again "at rest", these have to be the nicest cav figures I've seen. The cockade really limits them to the 1st regiment (luckily for me) but again a knife and paintbrush will fix things if you're really finicky. Rating: 9.5 out of 10. (if there had been elite company lancers and some shakoes with plates for the chasseurs...)

Artillery and Staff

What can I say- Poniatowski in all his glory on a rearing horse, right down to the tassels and bear-skin cloak, This is a one-piece casting and my recently converted and painted "Poniatowski" will become merely a brigade commander to make way for this beautiful figure. 10 out of 10.

I have only seen the horse artillery. They are well detailed in "campaign dress" (i.e., minus plumes and cords and wearing overalls). In relaxed poses, they are lovely figures but nothing spectacular by AB standards (better than the competition, though). 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Dallas Gavan


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