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25mm German Town Hall

Steve Barber Models

1 Avon Place, Hawkslade,
Aylesbury, Bucks. HP21 9LR
Phone : 00 44 1296 434059

Oh dear! There it was just staring at me across a crowded, smoky room. We both knew that it was impossible — some would say ludicrous (okay, they did say, you mad fool) but we knew, we just knew that it had to be. So I took it into my arms and lovingly caressed the resin... Yes I bought Steve Barbers German Town Hall. Now hey, I didn't buy the painted one, I bought the virgin version ready for the tender caresses of my paintbrush. Now it is big — and I mean big. It certainly dominates — well the room let alone a wargames table. At the moment it's on my bedroom floor been painted bit by bit (we are talking that bit of rendering tonight and that planking tomorrow night — a big project).

Now it does cost £44 which a lot of you will be balking at, but lets be truthful it's worth it. When you see it at a show its something you too will just want and you too will be reaching into your pocket, you too will experience the pleasure of having a sodding great box under your arm with everyone you meet stopping and saying "Yes, forsooth, that man has been to Steve Barber and bought a town hall."

My recommendation? Get one if only for the garden or to live in.

Reviewed by Andy Thorpe


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