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25mm Windmill

Ian Weekley Models
00 44 1603 279708

This windmill is something that no Napoleonic gamer should be without. Its suitably tall and comes in 2 main resin parts plus lead sails — 4 of them. Even better it is a moulding from the hands of the maestro himself! You can of course — as usual — buy it already assembled and painted but this subtracts from its enjoyment. One note of caution: you must use enamels for this, acrylics will just not stick, I tried and got one mess. [Editor's note: try and prime in black enamels and paint in acrylics]

A plus for this mill is that it is fairly timeless — suitable for Medieval games right through to WW2 so all the more reason for getting one. Its also incredibly strong yet also very light — in comparison to most resin buildings available. Regarding painting your terrain, I would recommend washing first in warm water with some soap, drying off and then apply your base colours. When these are dry drybrush with white-or even better off white and brownish hues, and if you are exceptionally gifted I suppose you could super detail it with roosting pigeons, etc.

My advice? You can't be without one! After all most villages in our period had at least one and they are noted features of many a battlefield, making ideal mini objectives in themselves, offering as they did excellent observation. So there you go, another item for the shopping list!

Reviewed by Andy Thorpe


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