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This electonic compilation of magazines can be found on the net at and is one of the best ideas I've seen. Basically, current and back-issues of a large number (42 at last count) of wargaming and history magazines are available at the site and you are authorised through MagWeb to download the articles you like (they download very quickly, too) and illustrations you want to keep for future reference. Beware, though, that normal copyright laws apply if you wish to take a commercial advantage of the material.

Sounds good, eh? What's the catch, you're asking? Basically, there's two:

1. Cost. Not that much, but for some it may be a factor. Overall, you'll save a lot of money if you get two or three of the magazines and decide to drop your current subscriptions for MagWeb's electronic versions. Or, like me you'll end up getting more magazines so that you're always going to have the info handy regardless of access to the www. Visit MagWeb to find out their current prices.

2. The latest copies of some magazines may lag their publication date by a couple of weeks, especially if they're not published in the US.

For those of us attracted by the exploits of the French army under Whats-his-name and the Prussians under Feldmarschall Prinz Gebhardt von Bluecher, you have access to "Age of Napoleon," "Napoleon," "First Empire" and numerous gaming magazines including the "Courier," "HMGS Newsletter," etc. You also have numerous interviews, reviews (it's where I first heard of "Regimental Colours") and other special items not found in the magazines but prepared for the site by Russ Lockwood and Tibor Vari.

Overall, I believe this site will repay the cost of your modem if you take out a six-month sub. and use it to replace the magazines you normally buy. Or it will add $40 a month to the magazine bill you already have because you decide to get the "hardcopy." Either way, this site is a must for those of us who don't have access to "The Volunteer" (ACW) and similar magazines that aren't well known outside their country of origin.

Try it (there is a "samples" area) and if you're not sure, get a subscription for a month. I believe you'll soon increase it because there's just so much on offer. BTW, you may need to buy a new hard drive. The stuff downloads fast so it's easy to fill your disc with "really important" articles!

Reviewed by Dallas Gavan


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