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The Napoleon Series Team

The Napoleon Series Team is a group of people from four countries who share an interest in providing a place for serious students of the era to present papers and ideas, and to assist others in pursuit of knowledge on the era. Most have been on the team for ten years and all put in many hours per week keeping the Series operational.

The team consists of the following individuals:

Robert “Bob” Burnham, FINS, USA

Bob is a retired U.S. Army officer who has studied Napoleonic History for the past fifty years. His main interests in the period are the Peninsular War and British memoirs. He co-authored Inside Wellington’s Peninsular ArmyThe British Army against Napoleon, Wellington’s Brigade CommandersWellington’s Foot Guards at Waterloo; and is the author of Charging against Wellington: the French Cavalry in Spain. Bob retired in 2013 after being a school librarian for 18 years. He currently lives in Maui.

Antony Broughton, FINS, Great Britain
Research Editor

Tony is a retired electrical engineer who has had an interest in the Napoleonic period for over forty five years, his main enthusiasm being the French army, with an emphasis on cavalry regiments and their leaders. He collects books, uniform prints and equipment of the era and has a growing collection of shakos, cuirassier helmets, cuirasses, muskets, carbines, sabres and sabretaches. He makes and paints Napoleonic miniatures. Many of the images on the website come from his personal collection.

Tom Holmberg, USA
Reviews Editor

Tom Holmberg is a reference librarian at a large suburban Chicago public library. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree from Dominican University (IL). He is interested in all aspects of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras and has been collecting books on these periods for 35 years. He is responsible for coordinating all the reviews that the Series publish.

J. David Markham, FINS, USA
Writing Contest Chief Judge

J. David Markham (Napoleonic History) is President of the International Napoleonic Society and President Emeritus of the Napoleonic Alliance. David is an award-winning author who has written or contributed to numerous books on Napoleon, including The Road to St. Helena: Napoleon After WaterlooNapoleon for DummiesNapoleon and Dr. Verling on St. HelenaNapoleon’s Road to Glory: Triumphs, Defeats and Immortality; and Imperial Glory: The Bulletins of Napoleon’s Army, 1805–1814. David has also contributed to several specialized encyclopedias and has written numerous scholarly journal articles. His collection of Napoleonic snuffboxes and other decorative arts has been featured in several museum exhibitions and in his books. David coordinates our annual Napoleon Series Writing Contest.

Greg Gorsuch, USA
Foreign Language Material Editor

Greg is a retired U.S. Navy officer living in South Carolina.  Greg became interested in Napoleonic History through playing with, collecting and painting lead soldiers for over 50 years.  This interest expanded to wargaming with miniatures and board games into computer strategy and tactics gaming.  He spent many years researching, modifying and playing Napoleonic computer wargames, leading to a great interest in the Polish Campaigns of 1806-1807.  He has been transcribing and translating Napoleonic military histories for years, most of which are found on the Napoleon Series.

Steve Brown, Australia
Research Editor

Steve runs a Lighting Design practice as his day job; military history is how he fills up the rest of his time. Life was never the same after seeing the film ‘Waterloo’ as a nine-year-old in 1970, which in consequence filled his teenage years with wargames, dioramas, and the inklings of a large Napoleonic book collection. He is the author of ‘Wellington’s Redjackets’, ‘By Fire and Bayonet’, and was general editor on William Brown’s ‘The Autobiography, or Narrative of a Soldier’. His next book, due in late 2019, threatens to be about the Flanders Campaign of 1793-1795. He has ancestors who fought at Roliça, Walcheren, Albuera, Vittoria, San Sebastian and at Hougoumont; perhaps they are egging him on.

Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2019