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Lionel S. Challis’s “Peninsula Roll Call”: Corrections

Lionel S. Challis’s “Peninsula Roll Call”: Corrections

Occasionally, we do find errors in the “Peninsula Roll Call”. We can not change the cards, but we can note the errors.



Last Name First Name Middle Name Correction Source
Ackland (Acland) Wroth Palmer Held the temporary rank of brigadier in 1806 Gareth Glover
Anwyll Robert Shown as Brigade Major from October 1812, was acting Brigade Major at Salamanca in July 1812 Gareth Glover
Arbuthnot Duncan Correct spelling of family name is Arbuthnott. Ron McGuigan
Arbuthnot William Correct spelling of family name is Arbuthnott. Ron McGuigan
Barton (Burton) Alfred According to the Army List it is Barton. Gareth Glover
Belton John Last name is Betton Army List: April 1809
Bennett L. H. First name is Latham London Gazette
Bihorell First and middle names are Jean Baptiste Alistair Nichols
Bishop J. First and middle names are John Jones Ron McGuigan
Blanckley Henry Stanyford? Correct middle name is Stanyford Sinnett
Blemur Used Gaston de Blemur; full name Etienne Gaston Louis François marquis de Bouette de Blemur Army Lists; Alistair Nichols
Bloomfield Valentine Correct first name is Thomas. Valenine was his middle name. Gareth Glover
Boissot Ferdinand Used Ferdinand Boisot; full name Emile Henry Ferdinand Boisot. Note: former sergent major of the 1er Suisse, prisoner of war on 7 July 1806 following Battle of Maida. Alistair Nichols
Bootby Charles Correct spelling of last name is Boothby London Gazette
Bosse Names are Johann Fred. Ludewig Army Lists
Boussingault Pierre F. Louis First names Pierre François Louis Note: 1816 chef d’escadron the Dragons de l’Orne; retired in 1830 as colonel of dragoons. Alistair Nichols
Boyle William Was slightly wounded at Badajoz. Hall; Gareth Glover
Bramwell John His name is mispelled in the Army Lists. It is actually Brumwell. Brumwell
Broad Richard Died of fever in Truxillo, Spain on 31 October 1812. Harley; page 185
Brooke W. H. First and middle names are William Henry Ron McGuigan
Brown Evan M. Middle name is Meredith Sinnett
Browne Frederick Harvey Sometimes is called Francis in the records Fletcher
Browne George 23rd Foot. Middle name is Baxter Sinnett
Brownlow W. First name is William Hall
Buller H. G. First name is Henry London Gazette
Burke H. First name is Henry Army Lists
Burnett B. B. First name is Bartholomew Army Lists
Caldicott H. G. First name is Henry. Family name also spelled Caldecot London Gazette
Cameron Hector Date of wounding St Bartolomeo  should read 17 July 1813 not 6 July 1813. John Cameron’s Memoirs, which are being editted by Gareth Glover
Cameron John Campbell Date of rank for Lieutenant is 29 December 1804, not 29 November 1804 Army List: February 1809
Cane James F. Middle name is Frederick Sinnett
Chadwick Nicholas Served in 59th Foot and not 58th Foot as shown on the card Ron McGuigan
Chambraux Caesar Augustus Correct name is César Augustin Champeaux Alistair Nichols
Choiseul Octavius Name used Octavius Choiseul; full name Henri Alexandre Charles Marie Gabriel Octave de Choiseul-Beaupré. Alistair Nichols
Clarke J. T.. Full name is Joseph Thomas Clarke His tombstone.
Clevis Andrew Last name is Cleeves. Name on card is misspelled. Army Lists
Cochrane J. First name is John Army Lists
Cooley First name is William Fletcher
Cowell F. Luke, Gordon First name is Frederick Sinnett
Craufurd Henry Promoted substantive Lieutenant Colonel 45th Foot 26 August 1813. London Gazette
Curran J. First name is John. Hall
D’Auberville Emanuel First name is Emmanuel. Alistair Nichols
D’Olbreuse Daimier
Name is Desmier d’Olbreuse, Christophe Henry
Alistair Nichols
Dalton Aylmer First names are Matthew Aylmer Alistair Nichols
Davenport First name is George. Army Lists
De Bernewitz J. H. C. Name is John Henry Carl . Ron McGuigan
de Bersi R. Used Amédée Rodolphe de Bersy, but death certificate recorded name as Pierre César Rodolphe de Bersy (son of other) Alistair Nichols
de Bersi Rudolph Correct name Jacques Rodolphe de Bersy (father of other) Alistair Nichols
De Ceuille Arnet Charles Used Arnet Charles de Cueille; full name was Charles Arnet Granchamp le chevalier de Cueille Alistair Nichols
de Combremont A. Le Theur Used Alexandre de Combremont ; full name Le Thueur [occasionally Lethueur] le chavalier de Combremont, René Alexandre Joseph Alistair Nichols
De Courton Armand Used Armand de Courten; full name Jean Joseph Armand de Courten Alistair Nichols
De Damas Adolphe Real was Adolphus de Damas Alistair Nichols
De Freuller Feridolin His first name was Fridolin ; his last name appears with one or two ‘L’s: two versions of his full name (German and French) are Fridolin Jost Anton von Freuler and Fridolin Joseph Antoine de Freüller. Alistair Nichols
De Grammont A. First name is Antoine, later 9th Duc de Guiche Ron McGuigan
De Gingins? Louis Listed as Louis de Gingins but used Henry; his name was Henry Victor Louis de Gingins. Note: he was in Neapolitan service 1829–1847, retiring as a General of Brigade Alistair Nichols
De la Briteche Alphonse Corrrect name was Alexandre de La Bretesche. Alistair Nichols
De La Mothe P. Jacques First name was Pierre Jacques Alistair Nichols
De la Pierre Samuel Used Samuel de La Pierre; full name Marc Louis François Samuel Delapierre Alistair Nichols
De May Rudolphe Full name was Gabriel Rodolph de May, nickname ‘Brüeli-May’ or ‘Michon’ Alistair Nichols
De Melgneil Pierre Dupuy Used Dupuy de Melgueil ; correct name Dupuy Melgueil de Rivarole, Antonie Louis. He was officer on the French Royal Guard 1815–1826; Lieutenant Colonel of the 29e Ligne in the Morea (1828-29) and Africa (1830) expeditions. Alistair Nichols
Dennis W. First name is William Army Lists
De Planta Stephen Also Stephen Planta Alistair Nichols
De Platel Charles Used Chalres du Platel, full name was Nicolas Charles le chevalier du Platel. Alistair Nichols
De Vaux First name is Charles Army Lists
De Ponchalen J. Correct name was Jean Nicolas Desfrançois de Ponchalon Alistair Nichols
De Precorbin Silvain Used Silvain de Precorbin [NB without accent]; full name was Barnabé Silvain de Foulogne de Précorbin Alistair Nichols
de Salis Hector Used Louis de Saulx; full name was Collot de Saulx, César Louis Auguste Alistair Nichols
de Saulx Louis Used Jean de Segur; full name was Jean le vicomte de Segur de Montazeau Alistair Nichols
de St. George Silvain Used Silvain de St George; full name was Silvain Olivier de St George de Fraisse Alistair Nichols
De Steiguer Albert Name Albert Baron de Steiger [or Steiguer] de Mansingen; was a colonel in Neapolitan service in 1822. Alistair Nichols
de Sunhary Frederick Used Frederick de Sunhary; full name Frédéric Antoine Jean Robert Sunhary de Verville; was an officer in the Gendarmerie 1816-1834, including commanding the detachment on the Morea expedition 1828-29. Alistair Nichols
de Tournefort Joseph B. Used Joseph de Tournefort an adopted ‘nom de geurre’; his name was Joseph Bénistan. Alistair Nichols
de Vaux Name was Charles Edouard le chevalier de Vaux. Alistair Nichols
Dobbyn W. A. First and middle names are William Arthur Ron McGuigan
Downes First name is Samuel Fletcher
Drewe E. W. First and middle names are Edward Ward Hall
Dudie T. A. First and middle names are Thomas Andrew Ron McGuigan
Du Hautoy Alexis Called Alexis Duhautoy in most documents (e.g. Army Lists); name Charles Louis Alexis comte du Hautoy Alistair Nichols
Dufaure Mark Used Mark Joseph Dufaure or Prouillac; full name Marc Joseph le chevalier du Faure de Prouillac. Alistair Nichols
Dufiet Armand Correct name Armand Casimir Goüin Dufief (known by Armand) Alistair Nichols
Dufiet Desire Correct name Jean Baptiste Désiré Goüin Dufief (used Désiré) Alistair Nichols
Ellis Henry Watson Correct middle name is Walton Sinnett
Ellwood C. W. First and middle names are Charles William Hall
Emslie J. First name is John Ron McGuigan


James Service in Peninsular War is confused with William Erskine. Replace all GOC information with GOC C cavalry brigade May 1809-July 1809. Add: Peninsula May -Sept 1809. Royal Military CalendarWellington’s DispatchesGeneral Orders
Erskine William Service in Peninsular War is confused with James Erskine. Add to record of service G.O.C. B4 D1 October 1810 – May 1811, Temporary G.O.C. D5 Feb-May 1811. Committed suicide Lisbon 13 February 1813 (not March or May 1813). Wellington’s DispatchesGeneral Orders
Fairfield R. W. Middle name is Wood Ron McGuigan
Farmer George R. Middle name is Richard Sinnett
Fergusson Charles 43rd Foot. According to his memoirs he was at the River Coa and Busaco in 1810. Unpublished Memoirs of Charles Fergusson.
Fischer Frederick Used Frederick Fischer; full name [French version] was François Emanuel Frédéric Fischer Alistair Nichols
Fischer Victor Used Victor Fischer; full name Carl or Charles Victor Alistair Nichols
Fitzgibbon W. First name is William Army Lists
French First name is Thomas Fletcher
Girling T. S. (T.A.) First and middle names are Thomas Andrew Ron McGuigan
Glutz Amantz Amantz de Glutz Alistair Nichols
Goldie Alexander John Served in the Peninsula from May to July 1812. On staff to date from 25 February 1812. Royal Military Calendar;
General Orders 2 May 1812
Goussencourt Joseph Joseph Ignace Goussencourt used; full name Cyr Joseph Ignace vicomte de Goussencourt Alistair Nichols
Graham W. (William)? T. Correct names are William Temple Sinnett
Griffiths Name is Walter Griffithes Army List 1827
Griffiths T. E. A. Correct names are Thomas Edward Allett Sinnett
Guanter James Generally known as either James Guanter or Jacques de Guanter; his full name was Jacques Xavier Mathieu Martin de Guanter et Banyuls Alistair Nichols
Gundell George Henry Middle name is Heinrich in KGL records Fletcher
Haase George Surname is Haas Alistair Nichols
Hall F. H. Name is Francis Hawksley Army List 1821
Hamilton Alexander Was in the 30th Foot, not the 60th Foot. McGuigan, Royal Military Calendar
Hamilton Robert Assistant Surgeon 74th Foot was appointed Assistant Surgeon 51st Foot 22 August 1811. Army List
Hamilton William Served in the 42nd Foot and resigned his commission in 1810. He is the same William Hamilton who became a volunteer in the 95th Rifles. A short biography can be seen at: Lieutenant William Hamilton, 95th Foot Colin Hamilton
Harley John Was captured in November 1812 but escaped and was back with his regiment by 24 December 1812. Harley; page 186 – 198
Harrison J. C. Correct names are John Christopher Sinnett and Hall
Hart H. S. First and middle names are Henry Scott Hall
Hassell J. G. J G Hassell Alistair Nichols
Hervey William Mundy Usual spelling of his name was Harvey, William Maundy. Mackenzie and Army Lists
Hogton Daniel Army List, Hall & Oman all spell it Hoghton Gareth Glover
Horner M. C. First and middle names are Michael Charles Army Lists
Horsley John T. Served in 59th Foot and not 58th Foot as shown on the card Ron McGuigan
Hulse Richard Died at Arevalo Fremantle Letters
Hurford William Lewin Correct middle name is Lewis Sinnett
Jackson Basil Was a member of the Royal Staff Corps not the Royal Waggon Train Dalton; page 38
Jandon (Jaudon ?) Francis Correct name was Jean François Jodon Alistair Nichols
Jenner First name was Charles Alistair Nichols
Joyner W. First name was William. Last name also spelled Joiner London Gazette
Kelly W. First name was Waldron Army Lists
Kenny C. C. First and middle names are Courtney Crowe Hall
Kersterman William Brewse Was in the 10th Foot, not the 19th Foot. Army Lists; Gareth Glover
Kilvington Orfeur W. Middle name is William Fletcher
King J. W. First and middle names are John Warner Fletcher
Le Court First name was vCharles Alistair Nichols
Le Maitre Frederick H. A. Correct name was Ferdinand Henry André Le Maistre Alistair Nichols
Le Mesurier J. T. H. Full name is John Thomas How Fletcher
Legenderw Panorace Used Pancrace Ledergerw; full names [in German] Joseph Pankraz Zacharias Ledergerw Alistair Nichols
Lenhart First name given as either Franz or François Alistair Nichols
Leslie J. First name is James Hall
Linsingen F. First name is Frederick Army Lists
Lloyd Thomas 43rd Foot;was promoted Major in the 94th Foot on 4 October 1810 and not on 4 August 1810 as recorded by Challis. Army Lists
Mackereth M. A. First and middle names are Mark Anthony
Mannel Albrecht Name most used was Albert Fredrick Manuel Alistair Nichols
Marlay George Was in the 2nd Garrison Battalion and not the 6th Garrison Battalion. Ron McGuigan
Marsack G. H. First and middle names are George Hartwell Army Lists
Masterman J. Correct name is William Thomas London Gazette
Maw J. H. L. First and middle names are John Henry Stovin Ron McGuigan
May Victor Used Victor May; full name [in German] given as Franz Ludwig Viktor May Alistair Nichols
McAlpine R. First name is Robert Hall
McLean William Can find no evidence that he was a Deputy Assistant Commissary General Gareth Glover
Meech R. First name is Robert Army Lists
Meyer Henry Andrew According to KGL records the first name is Heinrich Army Lists
Miller George 95th Foot. Was not captured by the French in 1811 nor was he at Barrossa (he arrived the day after the battle). He was an observer with not duties at the 2nd siege of Badajoz in 1811 and San Sebastian in 1813. Laidlaw
Millett Christopher Correct name Christophe Millet Alistair Nichols
Millins Charles Correct surname is Millius (often given in very different versions) – first name was Charles or Carl Alistair Nichols
Mittelholzer Ulrich First names appear to have been H [?] Ulrick or Ulrich Alistair Nichols
Mondo Lewis Surname was Mondon Alistair Nichols
Muller Joseph Full first names François Joseph Alistair Nichols
Munro George Aylmer ADC to General Sherbrooke, 25 June 1809. General Orders: 5 July 1809
Munro Thomas Was not ADC to General Sherbrooke. General Orders: 5July 1809
Murray Robert Lathrop On his entry the W is for William  and the F in his ‘alternative’ name is Felton – the family seat.. Terry Newman, Retired Parliamentary Historian, Hobart Tasmania
Neville  Henry Date of death was 21 August 1809 at Santa Cruz Fremantle MSS
Nicholson R. D. First and middle names are Robert Dring
Park Robert Was still in Eastern Spain in April 1813 Clinton Papers
Patrick Robert William Date of death was 24 April 1809 London Gazette: 14 – 18 November 1809
Percival  William 9th Foot. Returned to the Peninsula in December 1811 not December 1812. James Gairdner’s memoirs
Perponcher H. First name is Henry.  This is Baron Henry de Perponcher-Sedlnitsky, later Lieutenant General in the Netherlands Service Ron McGuigan
Pillichody Alexis Surname often given as Pellichody as well Alistair Nichols
Pollack Carlisle Correct spelling of name is Pollock according to the Army Lists Gareth Glover
Poser Name is Frederick Baron von Poser Army Lists
Proto Name Joseph Prold although most War Office documents used Proto Alistair Nichols
Rawstorne John George First names John George NOTE half pay from 1814 to 1832; retired in 1860, Major (brevet Lt Col) 2 Bn, 17th Foot Alistair Nichols
Reindell J. First name is John Army Lists
Richardson H First name is Henry Army Lists
Richardson H. J. First and middle names are Henry John Army Lists
Rigaud Francis First names Francis James Alistair Nichols
Rivers J. First name is James Army Lists
Rolt John Major in British Army 25 November 1813. London Gazette
Romhildt John Augustus Surname was Romhild Alistair Nichols
Roquefruille Aimar Army List shows the surname as Roquefeuille Alistair Nichols
Ross Robert 4th Dragoon Guards. Challis has him out of Peninsular by February 1812, however Captain Ewart, 52nd Foot shows he was still in the Peninsular on 8 November 1812 Gareth Glover
Rousillion Frederick Full name François Frédéric Rusillion; the surname was often given as Rousillion Alistair Nichols
Rowan A. H. First and middle names are Archibald Hamilton. Died Gibraltar January 1816. Ron McGuigan
Royal William Carr Name is spelled Royall according to the Royal Military Calendar Gareth Glover
Schmidt Alexander Correct surname was Schmitt. Alistair Nichols
Schmidchen Augustus He signs his letters in Spain: Smidkin (possibly anglicised for ease) He served in Eastern Spain in 1813. Clinton Papers
Segesser R. First name was Anton. Alistair Nichols
Servais Antoine Antoine Servais was an adopted ‘nom de guerre’. His name was Jean Antoine Courjean. Alistair Nichols
Shearman Edward When he joined the Calabrese Free Corps he was made a captain. William Clinton Papers; Gareth Glover
Sontag John Was assigned to Lisbon 1808. Not at Battle of Corunna as shown on card Ron McGuigan
Soupier Wilhelm H. Name was William Henry Souper. He was British. Alistair Nichols
Southwell Arthur Francis Was captured on 13 December 1813 but returned (exchanged) on 4 February 1814. Challis states it was January 1814. George Woodbury of the 18th Hussars met him on his return. Gareth Glover
St. Aurin (St. Aurien) J. D.E. Correct name is John D. E. de St Aurin Ron McGuigan
St. Martin Lewis Full name was Lewis de St Martin. Alistair Nichols
Sta. Columba Pietro Surname more often Santa Colombo [sometimes all one word] Alistair Nichols
Steiger (Steiguer) Rodolphe F. ? Known as Rodolphe Steiger, in the regiment as the 2nd; full name [in German] Johann Rudolf von Steiger Alistair Nichols
Steiguer Rudolphe
Known as Rodolphe Steiger, in the regiment as the 3rd; his full name was also Johan Rudolf (or Jean Rodolphe) – he was brother of Albert Steiger de Mansingen.
Alistair Nichols
Straubenzie William Correct name i:s van Straubenzee, William Alex van Straubenzee
Stretton William Lynaw First name was Severus and middle name was William Lynam David Molony
Sturler Charles Known as Charles Sturler; full name Jean Charles or Johan Karl. Alistair Nichols
Sturler Charles Louis Known as Charles Louis Sturler; full name Charles Louis Pierre or Karl Ludwig Peter Alistair Nichols
Symkath ? Full name John Ernest Symkath Alistair Nichols
Talbot Neil Neil TalbotWas never in the Portuguese Service nor was he a Brigadier. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 14th Light Dragoons. Cannon and London Gazette 31 July 1810.
Tayloe John Correct spellling of his name his Taylor. Gareth Glover
Thiballier Louis Used Louis Thiballier; but his full name was Philippe Louis Constantin Thiballier de Donmarie Alistair Nichols
Thalmunn Carl Correct spelling of his name is Thalmann Alain Chappet
Thompson A. First name is Alexander Hall
Thompson J. H. First and middle names are Joseph Henry. Army Lists
Thomson George Name is also spelled Thompson. Ron McGuigan, Army Lists & London Gazette
Thorman Charles Surname normally given as Thormann Alistair Nichols
Trescon J. First name is Jean Baptiste; surname is normally given as Mansuet Trescon however he signed as Trefcon Alistair Nichols
Tucker George James Bruere Career is mixed up with his brother John Goulston Price Tucker.  Captain 50th Ft 16 May 1805, Major 97th Ft 22 Dec 1808, Brevet Lt Colonel 16 April 1807. Pa. Aug – Oct 1808 DAG, Oct  1808 – Jan 1809 AAG.  Rolica, Vimero, Coruna. Gold Medal for Rolica, Vimero. Lost in Primrose sloop January 1809. Ron McGuigan, Royal Military Calendar
Tucker John Goulston Price Never served in the Peninsula. Ron McGuigan, Royal Military Calendar
Tugginer Edmund Surname often ‘de Tugginer’ Alistair Nichols
Tugginer Edward Surname often ‘de Tugginer’ Alistair Nichols
Tunny Robert William Correct spelling of last name is Tunney Fletcher
Turnpenny J. F. First and middle names are John Fynes Ron McGuigan
Van Strawbenzie George Correct spelling of last name is van Straubenzee Alex van Straubenzee
Villatte Charles de Known as Charles de Villatte; full name Charles Regnaud de Villatte Alistair Nichols
Von Dahlmann John Surname normally given as von Dalmann Alistair Nichols
Von Wachholtz Friedrich Ludwig Friedrich Ludwig von Wachholtz was born 30 August 1783, in Breslau, the son of a Prussian officer. He joined the Prussian army as a cadet on 1 April 1798, was promoted lieutenant in 1803, and served on the staff of the Upper Siliesian army in 1805-1806. He fought at Auerstadt in 1806 and in the East Prussia campaign of 1807. Disbanded from Prussian army in 1807, he joined the Duke of Brunswick’s Oels corps as a company commander, went to the UK with that unit in 1809 and to the Peninsula in 1810. His rifle company (No. 3) was attached to the Fusilier Brigade in October 1810 and fought with it at Albuera and Aldea de Ponte in 1811, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz and Salamanca in 1812 and Vitoria in 1813 before being replaced before the Pyrenees battles by a coy of the 5/60th. About the same time von Wachholtz transferred to No. 5 Company of the Oels. Wachholtz fought in the Waterloo campaign as a major on the staff of the Brunswick contingent and was present at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. He remained with the Brunswick army and  had reached the rank of major-general at the time of his death in 1841 at the age of 58. H.C. von Wachholtz, ed., “Auf der Peninsula 1810 bis 1813. Kriegstagebuch des Generals Friedrich Ludwig v. Wachholtz,” Beihefte zum Militaer-Wochenblatt. 1907, pp. 259-326
Wanch Robert Andrew The Army Lists has his name spelled Waugh. Gareth Glover
Weiss J. Chretien His surname was Weyssen (sometimes as Weissen, Wyssen or Weiss); first names John Christian or Jean Chretien Alistair Nichols
Wheatley William Was a Major General when he died – Challis says Brevet Colonel and he died at the Escorial not Madrid. Gareth Glover
Widenham J. A. First and middle names are Joseph Allen Hall; Army Lists
Williams John 2nd Foot. Contemporary letter by John Wilson states that he talked to Wellington but did not realised who he was speaking to. It appears he returned to the Peninsula with a draft sent in Autumn 1813 Gareth Glover
Wingfield John According Guards Memorial Chapel records he died 4 May 1811 not 18 May. Gareth Glover
Winter Valentine First name Valentin. Alistair Nichols
Wolff Frederick Correct name Pierre Frédéric Wolf; used Frederick. Alistair Nichols
Zehender Charles Known as Charles Zehender; full name Charles Antoine Zehender de Thuil [brother of other] Alistair Nichols
Zehender Frederick Known as Frederick Zehender; full name Frederick Samuel Zehender [brother of other] Alistair Nichols
Zehenpfenning Carl Correct surname Zehnpfenning Alistair Nichols
Zoepffel Louis Correct name was André Louis Zaepffel Alistair Nichols

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