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The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-14 Volume 2

The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-14 Volume 2

The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-14 Volume 2

Organization Uniforms & Equipment Cavalry and Artillery

David A. Wilson

Helion Books (From Reason to Revolution Series No. 61), 2021

ISBN 9781913336592

Pages: 153

Illustrations: 59 colour



I previously reviewed Volume 1 last year and had eagerly anticipated this second volume and I was not disappointed.

The Danish Army of the later Napoleonic wars (post 1807) whilst allied to France, is not one that has been studied in English to any great extent regarding their uniforms, equipment, and organisation and happily this publication ably fills this gap. It is the second volume of three and this volume specifically covers cavalry and artillery.

This volume includes a description of the Danish cavalry regiments, including some new to this reviewer, such as the Bosniaks. In each section the Danish troops uniforms, weaponry and organisation are described in detail and on this occasion, there do not appear to be any Norwegian equivalents to describe. As with the previous volume it is obvious that this book has been written by and primarily for wargamers, with a profusion of beautifully detailed colour drawings of uniforms from both front and rear. Another chapter covers cavalry standards with many colour illustrations of individual Colours. Half of the book is also dedicated to a detailed description of Danish ordnance, covering field, fortress and siege artillery, pontoon, and engineer units. The level of detail is impressive, including horse teams, carriages, and limbers.

I am pleased to see that specialist Norwegian units and the Danish Militia and Landvaern are to be covered in volume 3, particularly as they formed most of the Danish forces which fought the British at Koge.

The book is extremely well presented and beautifully illustrated with uniforms and Colours and is very comprehensive in its coverage of the units included. It is clearly written by an avid wargamer and the book will most likely appeal to fellow wargamers who are looking for the real detail necessary to produce a colourful and novel wargaming army to impress their colleagues.

Highly recommended.

Gareth Glover

March 2021