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Miscellaneous Topics

Miscellaneous Topics

A Tour of Waterloo with Campaigns and Culture
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A tour of Waterloo by foot and car…

Haynes, Nick.
Far in Advance: the Peninsular War Paintings of Christa Hook

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A collection of original art on the British Army in the Peninsular campaign…

Holmberg, Tom

A look at the historical background of the film Quills…

Saunders, Tim and et al.
The Waterloo Collection — DVDs
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

Take a video tour of the famous battle…

Synnott, Paul

An enjoyable film that frustrates the knowledgeable….

Vovsi, Eman
Borodino 190 – that Great Battle under the Walls of Moscow

A look at Borodino 2002 – the re-enactment on the 190th anniversary of the battle