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Coppens, Bernard
La Patience
Reviewed by Yves Martin

The bulletin “La Patience” no. 10 is a true “one-man effort” devoted to many different topics related to the Revolutionary and Imperial period. It is now composed of the following parts…

First Empire: The International Magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast, Historian and Gamer
Reviewed by Max Sewell

First Empire, edited by Dave Watkins, has been in publication for a number of years and has recently celebrated its 50th issue…

La Revue Napoléon.
Issue number 1, First quarter 2000: covering January, February, and March 1800. Quarterly. (In French)
Reviewed by Marc Vanoverschelde

Another new French-language Napoleonic journal celebrating the bicentennial of Napoleon’s reign. This one is unique in that it is tracing the Napoleonic Era month-by-month…

Napoléon 1°: Le Magasine du Consulat et de l’Empire.
Issue number 1 (March/April 2000)
Reviewed by Dominique Contant

A glossy new Francophone magazine on Napoleon and his times featuring some of France’s top Napoleonic historians…

The Waterloo Journal
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

Is the Journal of the Waterloo Association and The journal for Waterloo studies…