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Books for further reading and sources for the Battle Lists

1792 – 1815

The small red figure you can find on the left of some books indicates the number of the source used in these battle lists. If several works have the same number then these works are part of a whole series.
Like all the others this list has to be extended, to be improved and to be completed as much as possible (sometimes also to be cleaned). Your suggestions, comments and critics are always welcome.
The works in this list are only ordered by topic but not by anything else (eg. not by language nor by quality nor by importance and also not alphabetically).

Most of these books can also be obtained by one of our sponsors (see title page of the Napoleon Series).

For the whole period

General descriptions, Uniforms, Dictionaries and References 

  • The Campaigns Of Napoleon, The Mind And Method Of History’s Greatest Soldier.; David G. Chandler; Scribner; New York, 1966; ISBN: 0-02-523660-1
  • Dictionary Of The Napoleonic Wars.; David G. Chandler; Macmillan; New York, 1979
  • Swords around a Throne, Paperback; J.R. Elting; Da Capo Press; New York, 1997; ISBN: 0-306-80757-2 (First published by: The Free Press, Schuster & Schuster; 1988)
  • The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book; Digby Smith; Greenhill Books & Stackpole Books; London & Pennsylvania, 1998; ISBN: 1-85367-276-9
  • A Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars; Vincent Esposito & J.R. Elting; Praeger
  • Battle Tactics of Napoleon and his Enemies, Paperback; Brent Nosworthy; Constable & Company; London, 1997; ISBN: 0-09-477240-1 (First published: Constable & Company; 1995)
  • Napoleon’s soldiers; G. Dempsey; Arms & Armor Press; London, 1995
  • Les Français vus par eux-mêmes, Le Consuat et L’Empire; A. Fierro; Édition Robert Laffont; Paris, 1998; ISBN: 2-221-07066-6
  • Discussion Forums of the Napoleon Series on the Internet; various contributors; maintained by Alfons Libert; Belgium, 1996 onward
  • Who Was Who in the Napoleonic Wars; Philip J. Haythornthwaite; Arms & Armour; London, 1998; ISBN: 1-85409-391-6

    About figures and statistics

  • Combats be Prairial et Convoi de Vanstabel: Le point de Vue Francais; Andre Delaporte; Revue Historique De Armées; 1995
  • Warfare and Armed Conflicts, A Statistical Reference, Volume 1; Micheal Clodfelter; McFarland&Company Inc; Jefferson, North Carolina, 1992; ISBN (only Vol. I): 0-89950-814-6


  • Memoirs of Napoleon, by himself, dictated on St. Helena; Napoleon; various publishers
  • The Note Books of Captain Coignet; J.-R. Coignet; London, 1985 (First Published as: Captain Coignet: Soldier of the Empire; London 1897, 1928)
  • Military Life under Napoleon, The Memoirs of Captain Elezear Blaze; J.R. Elting; The Emperor’s Press; Chicago, 1995
  • Mémoirs, 2 vols; Ney M; Paris, 1833 (Reprint by: First Empire; Bridgnorth, 1995)

    About people

  • Wellington’s Generalship: A study of his Peninsular Campaigns; Jack Allen Meyer; 1984
  • Itinéraire de Napoléon au jour le jour, Jean Tulard & L. Garros; Librairie Jules Tallandier; 1992; ISBN: 2-235-02097-6

    War of the 1st Coalition

    General descriptions

  • 11 The Art of War of Revolutionary France 1789-1802; P. Griffith; Greenhill Books & Stackpole Books; London & Pennsylvania, 1998; ISBN: 1-85367-335-8
  • The Armies of the first French Republic and the Rise of the Marshals of Napoleon I, 5 vols; Phipps R.W.; Oxford University Press; 1926-1939 (Reprint by: Greenwood Press; London, 1980)
  • 12 Historical Dictionary of the Wars of the French Revolution; Steven T. Ross,The Scarecrow Press, Inc; London, 1998; ISBN: 0-8108-3409-X

    1st Italian Campaign

  • The Gamble: Bonaparte in Italy 1796-7; Guglielmo Ferrero
  • Napoleon in Italy 1796-1797; Elijah Adlow.
  • Castiglione 1796, Napoleon repulses Wurmser’s first attack; Bernhard Voykowitsch; Helmet Publication; Maria Enzersdorf, Austria, 1998; ISBN: 3-901923-00-4

    Campaign in Holland

  • Kleine Schriften. Gesammelt von einem Freunde, Theil 3., Der Feldzug in den Niederlanden; A. VonProkesch&endash;Osten; Stuttgart, 1842

    Expedition to Egypt and Syria

    General descriptions

  • L’Expedition d’Egypt, 5 vols; Clement E. De La Jonquiere; Henri-Charles Lavauzelle; Paris, 1902
  • The Blue Nile; Alan Moorehead; Harper & Row; New York, 1962
  • Describtion De L’Egypte, Complete Edition; Benedikt Taschen; Köln, New York, Paris, 1997; ISBN: 3-8228-8964-4
  • Ali-Jabarti’s Chronicle of the French Occupation, 1798, Napoleon in Egypt; Ali-Jabarti; Markus Weinter Publishing; New York, 1993
  • British Victory in Egypt , 1801, The End of Napoleon’s Conquest; P. Macksey; Routledge; London, 1995

    War of the 2nd Coalition

    General descriptions

  • Most of the works under the section “War of the 1st Coalition” are also of interest for this section

    Campaign in Switzerland

  • Masséna en Suisse. Messidor an VII-Brumaire an VIII (Juillet-Octobre 1799); L. Hennequin; Librairie Militaire Berger-Levrault; Paris, 1911
  • 10 La campagne d’Helvétie ‘(1799)’. Hist. milit. de Masséna; Ed. Gachot; Payot et Cie; Paris, Lausanne, 1904

    War of the 3rd Coalition


  • Austerlitz 1805; D. Chandler; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)
  • 13 Napoleon and Austerlitz; Scott Bowden; Emperor’s Press; Chicago, 1997; ISBN: 0-9626655-7-6
  • Austerlitz; Christopher Duffy

    War of the 4th Coalition

    General descriptions

  • Napoleon’s Conquest of Prussia 1806 ; F. Loraine Petre
  • Napoleon ‘s Campaigns in Poland 1806-1807; F. Loraine Petre
  • Jena 1806; D. Chandler; Osprey
  • 14 Napoleons Krieg gegen Preussen und Sachsen 1806; Karl-Horst Bichler; Einhorn-Presse-Verlag; Reinbek (Germany), 1998; ISBN: 3-88756-783-8

    Jena and Auerstädt

  • Operations du 3eme Corps: 1806-1807 Rapport du Marechal Davout, Duc d’Auerstädt (which is the official after-action report by Marshal Davout)
  • Jena 1806; D. Chandler ; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)

    The War against Austria of 1809

    General descriptions

  • Napoleon and the Archduke Charles (1809); F. Loraine Petre


  • Eggmühl 1809; I. Castle ; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)

    Aspern and Wagram

  • Aspern/Wagram 1809; I. Castle ; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)

    Peninsular War

    General descriptions

  • A History of the Peninsular War, 5 (or 7?) Volumes; Sir Charles Oman; Oxford, 1914
  • History of the War in the Peninsula, 5 Volumes; Sir William Napier; London, 1836
  • The Salamanca Campaign; Captain Arthur Henry Marindin; London, 1906
  • The Fatal Knot, The Guerilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain; J.L. Tone; University of North Carolina Press; Chapel Hill, 1994


  • Coruna; Christopher Hibbert


  • Salamanca 1812; Ian Fletcher; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)


  • Vittoria 1813; Ian Fletcher; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)

    War against Russia

    General descriptions

  • The Campaign of 1812 in Russia; Carl von Clausewitz; Greenhill; London, 1992
  • Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia; George F. Nafziger; Presidio Press; Novato, 1988; ISBN: 0-89141-322-7
  • Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia 1812; Eugène Tarle; Oxford University Press; New York, 1942.
  • Napoleons Russlandfeldzug in Augenzeugenberichten; Eckart Kleßmann; Karl Rauch Verlag; Düsseldorf, 1965

    Wars of Liberation, German Part

    General descriptions

  • Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany, 1813; F. Loraine Petre

    Siege of Danzig

  • Relation de la Defense de Dantzig en 1813 par le 10e Corps De L’Armée Française, Contre L’Armée Combinée Russe et Prussienne; P.H. d’Artois; Ladrange; Paris, 1820
  • Defense de Dantzig en 1813. Journal de Siege, Journal Personal Et Notes Du General De Division De Campredon Commandant Le Genie Du Xe Corps, Lettres Diverses, Annotées Et Publies Par Charles Auriol; Gen. de Campredon; Plon; Paris, 1888
  • Le Siege De Dantzig en 1813; M. de M****; Paris, 1814


  • Leipzig 1813; P. Hofschröer; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)
  • Die Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig; G. Graf; Koehler & Amelang; ISBN: 3-7338-0090-7
  • Europe against Napoleon: The Battle of Leipzig; Anthony Brett&endash;James
  • Napoleon at Leipzig The Battle of the Nations; George F. Nafziger; EHQ; Chicago; 1994

    Wars of Liberation, French Part

    General descriptions

  • Napoleon at Bay; F. Loraine Petre

    The 100 Days

    General descriptions

  • History of the Waterloo Campaign; W. Siborne; London, 1848, 1990
  • Journal of the Waterloo Campaign; C. Mercer; London 1870
  • Uniforms of Waterloo; P.J. Haythornwaite; London 1974
  • Waterloo

  • Waterloo 1815; G. Wootten ; Osprey (Campaign Series); London, 1990 and onward (Reprinted: several times by Osprey)
  • Waterloo, A near run thing; David Howarth; Windrush Press; Moreton-in-Marsh, 1997

    Other Actions

    Naval and Colonies

  • Memorial de l’Ile de la Reunion; Vaxelaire and al.; 1979
  • The Battle of the Nile; Oliver Warner; B.T. Batsford; London, 1960
  • Trafalgar, The Nelson Touch; D. Howarth; Windrush Press; Moreton-in-Marsh, 1997; ISBN: 1-900624-03-6 (First Published as: Trafalgar, The Nelson Touch; Collins; Great Britain, 1969)

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