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Napoleon’s Shadow: The Impact of his Martial Philosophy By Michael G. Stroud The latter half of the eighteenth century into the early nineteenth, saw nationalist sentiments take hold throughout the world. These nationalist sentiments fermented into revolutions, that exploded from the British colonies in America in 1776, to that of the liberation of Venezuela by […]
A Walcheren Journal by Paul Thompson The John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester houses the correspondence and papers of Sir James Leith. Included in the Rylands archive is a brief journal titled Dates of the Operations of the British Army in the Island of Walcheren. This document records operations of the British army […]
The Daughters of George III: Sisters & Princesses Catherine Curzon Pen & Sword History (2020) ISBN 9781473897533 Hardback Pages: 186 Illustrations: 32 black and white This comprehensive biography of six royal sisters is the latest entry in the author’s list of titles focused on the Georgian royal family and, once again, the result is a […]
The Duke of Wellington in 100 Objects Gareth Glover Frontline Books (Pen & Sword Books) 2020 ISBN 978 1 52675 862 0 Hardback Pages: 312 Illustrations: 150 colour   Looking at a subject using 100 Objects is I think a novel way of examining a theme, producing not only a detailed account of that topic, […]
Admiral Lord St. Vincent: Saint or Tyrant? The Life of Sir John Jervis James D.G. Davidson Pen and Sword Maritime (2020) ISBN: 9781526784346 Paperback, 240 pages, 50 black and white illustrations Reading this work felt rather like taking a step backwards in time: not to the eighteenth century, but the middle of the twentieth. I […]
Life and Career of Nova Scotian Provo Wallis, Admiral of the Fleet By Nicholas James Kaizer Lieutenant Provo Wallis, At the Time of His Victorious Entry Into Halifax Harbour, ca. 1800-1880, Davey Fitzner. (Library and Archives Canada) Admiral of the Fleet Sir Provo William Parry Wallis is perhaps the longest-ever serving officer in British naval […]
Napoleon Bonaparte: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works Joshua Meeks Rowman and Littlefield (2020) Hardback, 255 pages, 15 maps I like to have well-stocked shelf of reference books to hand for my own research and writing. Although we live in the internet age where there is a plethora of online reference sites (The […]
Forshufvud's theories about poisoning are still very much alive. This is a fascinating theory, but almost too fantastic to be true, and almost the only indication is the arsenic content in the hair...
Napoléon undoubtedly had large quantities of arsenic in his body when he died. However, this does not necessarily mean that he was murdered. It could have been self-administered. And that does not necessarily mean suicide...
Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds in the history of warfare. He expanded the conquests of France from her revolutionary borders to that of an Empire that stretched from Spain to the steppes of Russia. Napoleon's genius lay not in the revolutionizing of warfare itself, but in the refinement of existing means...
Napoléon Bonaparte was and still is one of France's most revered heroes. Though born a Corsican in 1769, Napoléon journeyed to France for schooling at the age of nine...