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Fighting for Napoleon’s Army in Russia: A POW’s Memoir C J Wagevier, translated by Samuel de Korte Pen & Sword Military (2023) ISBN: 9781399089753 Pages: 208 On the frozen banks of the Berezina River, the last remnants of Napoleon’s once invincible Grande Armée fled like phantoms in the night from the encroaching Russian hosts. The little […]
1806-1807 Tsar Alexander’s Second War with Napoleon The Russian Official History Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky Helion & Company (2023) ISBN: 9781804511930 Pages: 232 Images: 23 maps This is the first translation of Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky’s Official History of the second war between Tsar Alexander and the Emperor Napoleon, Brought to the anglophone readership by Peter G.A. […]
The Waterloo Campaign in 100 Locations John Grehan with Dominique Timmermans Frontline Books (Pen & Sword) (2023) ISBN: 9781526746917 Pages: 240 Illustrations: 100 black & white When I first picked up this book, I thought it was going to be another guide to the battlefield of Waterloo but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is […]
George III’s Illnesses and His Doctors A Study in Early Psychiatry Michael Ramscar Pen and Sword (2023) Hardback ISBN: 9781399060271 Pages: 288 Illustrations: 16 mono illustrations The long reign of George III (1760-1820) covered many significant events in British, American, and European history. His very public afflictions remain amongst the most notorious in medical records. […]
Berezina 1812: Napoleon’s Hollow Victory Alexander Mikaberidze Osprey Publishing (2022) (Campaign Series CAM 383) Paperback ISBN: 9781472850188 Colour illustrations throughout, including battle scene artworks, maps, 3D diagrams and photographs. Berezina 1812 is the latest release from Osprey Publishing covering the Napoleonic era. It brings together two expert sources – Osprey respected for its great campaign […]
The Battle for the Cape 1778 to 1806 Ian van Oordt A4 hardcover portrait format 546 pages of which 28 are in colour and 55 references. 20 chapters containing 1,730 references and over 770 people. Limited edition of 80 signed copies. In 2006, at the anniversary event of the little known Battle of Blaauwberg near […]
The Men of Wellington’s Light Division Gareth Glover and Robert Burnham Pen & Sword Books (2022) Hardback ISBN: 9781399099080 Pages: 240 Illustrations: 8 colour pages I once questioned, tongue firmly in cheek, ‘how the Light Division ever managed to find time to fight the French, when so many of its members were apparently engaged in note-taking […]
The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: Strategies for a World War Jeremy Black Rowman & Littlefield (2022) Hardback ISBN: 978 1 5381 6369 6 234 pages Jeremy Black’s latest work offers an overview and reinterpretation of the strategic decision making of the key players – including the Great Powers of Europe – during the French […]
The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814: Uniforms, Organisation, Campaigns Stephen Ede-Borrett Helion & Company (2022) Paperback ISBN: 9781804512753 Pages: 246 Images: 40 b/w, 12 b/w photos, 16 colour ills, 16pp colour plates, 1 map In this comprehensive study, Stephen Ede-Borrett examines the army of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, focusing on the individual […]
Fighting Terror After Napoleon: How Europe Became Secure after 1815 Beatrice De Graaf Cambridge University Press (2020) Hardback ISBN: 9781108895873 In this book Beatrice de Graaf focuses on the closing days of the Napoleonic wars and how the states of Europe, in particular the great powers including Great Britain, the Austrian, Prussian, and Russian Empires, […]
The Campaign of 1815, Volume 2: 15th June 1815 Pierre de Wit Published by Glimpse Editions (2022) ISBN 9789464509182 Hardback, 235 pp., 114 pages of learned notes, 16 pages of bibliography and 20-page index. I have now read Pierre’s second volume, dealing purely with the 15th June 1815 (and early hours of the 16th) in […]
Blood, Guts and Gore: Assistant Surgeon John Gordon Smith at Waterloo Edited by Gareth Glover Pen & Sword Military (2022) Hardcover Pages: 264 Illustrations: 17 colour ISBN: 9781399097215 This book is a condensed version of part of Dr Gordon Smith’s life, commencing with the account of his role during the Waterloo Campaign and life after the […]
The Campaign of 1815, Volume I ‘Preambles’ Pierre de Wit Published by Glimpse Editions (2022) Hardback, 555 pp. Any one who has delved into the website over the last decade or more, will know of the wealth of material accumulated from all armies, by the renowned historian Pierre de Wit. Pierre has now decided […]
Wellington’s Waterloo Allies: How Soldiers from Brunswick, Hanover, Nassau and the Netherlands Contributed to the Victory of 1815 Andrew W. Field Pen and Sword Military (2022), hardback ISBN: 9781399090377 Pages: 296 Illustrations: Integrated maps As the author of this work points out, the last few decades have seen an increasing number of non-English accounts of the […]
Secrets & Scandals in Regency Britain: Sex, Drugs & Proxy Rule Violet Fenn Pen & Sword Books (2022) ISBN: 9781399004268 Pages: 216 Illustrations: 40 black and white illustrations An entertaining compendium of some of the eras’ most scandalous events. From the unorthodox lifestyles of Lord Byron, the Shelley’s and the Ladies of Llangollen to public events […]
Scharnhorst: The Formative Years, 1755-1801 Charles Edward White Helion & Company (2020), paperback ISBN: 9781913118990 Pages: 436 Images: 12 b/w maps Gerhard von Scharnhorst (1755-1813) is recognised for his tireless efforts rebuilding the shattered remnants of the Prussian army after the crushing defeat of Jena-Auerstedt (1806) and his mentorship of Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) and […]
For God and King: A History of the Damas Legion (1793-1798): A Case Study of the Military Emigration during the French Revolution Hughes de Bazouges and Alistair Nichols Helion & Company (2021), paperback ISBN: 9781913336608 Pages: 348 Images: 4 b/w illustrations, 17 colour illustrations, 11 b/w maps, 19 tables Helion & Company have published another […]
The Battle of Znaim: Napoleon, The Habsburgs and the end of the 1809 War John H. Gill Greenhill Books (Pen & Sword), 2020 Hardback ISBN: 9781784384500 Pages: 512 Illustrations: 80 black and white illustrations and 10 maps In 1809 a resurgent Austria, encouraged by French reverses in Spain, decided to renew its struggle against Napoleon. The […]
Marching, Fighting and Dying: Experiences of Soldiers in the Peninsular War Gareth Glover Pen & Sword Military, 2021 ISBN 9781526760227 Hardback, 299 pages, 16 illustrations   Gareth Glover knows his way around the memoirs of British soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars. Many were written long after the event and often embellished for their potential audience, […]
Vilnius 1812: Ghosts of Napoleon’s Grande Armée through their Artifacts Paul Richardson and Stephen Summerfield Ken Trotman Publishing, 2021 Hardback, 160 pages Illustrations: 500   In 2001 a mass grave of at least 3,269 skeletons was unearthed at Vilnius in Lithuania, identified as belonging to Napoleon’s Grande Armée that invaded Russia in 1812. The authors […]
Massena at Bay 1811 Tim Saunders Pen & Sword Books (2021), hardcover ISBN  9781399001328 264 pp, 178 B&W images As the reader would expect of a Tim Saunders book, the subject is handled with some depth and by somebody who thoroughly understands troop movements of the period and has covered every inch of the terrain […]
French Light Infantry 1784-1815. From the Chasseurs of Louis XVI to Napoleon’s Grande Armée Terry Crowdy Helion & Company (2021), softcover ISBN: 9781914059780 Pages:198 Images: 66 b/w illustrations, 24 pages of colour plates, 23 tables Terry Crowdy has set himself the task of describing the history, organization, growth, and tactics of the French army’s light […]
In the Words of Wellington’s Fighting Cocks: The After-Action Reports of the Portuguese Army During the Peninsular War 1812-14 Moises Gaudencio and Robert Burnham (foreword by Rory Muir) Pen & Sword Books (2021) ISBN 9781526761682 Hardback, 338 pages & 16 pages of B&W illustrations, no maps. All historians of the Peninsular War are painfully aware […]
The Wives of George IV: The Secret Bride & The Scorned Princess Catherine Curzon Pen & Sword History (2021) ISBN 9781473897496 Hardback, 216 pages, 32 black and white illustrations Author Catherine Curzon once again reaches back into Georgian history to present her readers with a fresh and witty take on two of the era’s most […]
Securing Europe After Napoleon: 1815 and the New European Security Culture Edited by Beatrice de Graaf, Ido de Haan and Brian Vick Cambridge University Press (2019) Hardback, 325 pages ISBN 9781108428224   Those interested in the Napoleonic Era will be familiar with the terms Allied Machine or Holy Alliance, each referring to the ongoing cooperative […]
Sir James McGrigor, the Adventurous Life of Wellington’s Chief Medical Officer Tom Scotland Helion & Company (2021) ISBN 9781914059216 Paperback, 178 pages Images: 22 figures, 5 maps, 4 tables   Created by Helion Publishing, in their excellent ‘From Reason to Revolution’ series (no. 65), this is an account of a charismatic, energetic, and brilliant medical […]
Egypt 1801: The End of Napoleon’s Eastern Empire Stuart Reid Pen and Sword (Frontline, 2021) ISBN: 9781526758460 Hardback, 248 pages Illustrations: 16 colour plates It is a brave historian who tackles the subject of Britain’s campaign in Egypt in the closing months of the French Revolutionary Wars. Although first published nearly four decades ago, Piers Mackesy’s […]
Wellington and the Vitoria Campaign 1813: ‘Never a Finer Army’ Carole Divall Pen and Sword Military (2021) ISBN: 9781526774026 Hardback, 256 pages Illustrations: 30 black and white Five years ago, I was asked by the Society for Army Historical Research to contribute to their annual list of book recommendations, which required me to pick my five […]
Britain’s Rise to Global Superpower in the Age of Napoleon William Nester Frontline Books (2020) ISBN: 9781526775436 Hardcover Pages: 376 Illustrations: Central eight-page mono plate section In Britain’s Rise to Global Superpower in the Age of Napoleon, Dr William Nester attempts to chart the rise of Britain, through the many false starts and setbacks in the […]
Nelson’s Navy in 100 Objects Gareth Glover Frontline Books (2021) ISBN 978 1 52673 132 6 Hardback, 301 pages, colour, and black & white illustrations I do think that examining a subject in 100 objects is a unique and original way of presenting a story. Gareth’s previous books in this genre, looking at Napoleon and […]
 Waterloo Archive: Atlas Gareth Glover and Stephen Summerfield Ken Trotman Publishing (2021) 220 pages, illustrated throughout with colour maps & contemporary sketches, portraits etc. With today’s ability to access satellite imagery, GPS, and digital maps, it is hard to imagine how soldiers in the past were able to operate over unfamiliar terrain or in a […]
Favourite of Fortune: Captain Thomas Quilliam, Trafalgar Hero Andrew Bond, Frank Cowin, Andrew Lambert Seaforth Publishing (2021), hardback ISBN: 9781399012706 Pages: 224 Many people will only have come across John Quilliam because he was the First Lieutenant onboard the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Biographies of some of Nelson’s captains have been published […]
Mutiny on the Spanish Main, HMS Hermione and the Royal Navy’s Revenge Angus Konstam Osprey Publishing (2020), hardback ISBN: 9781472833792 Pages: 320 In 1963 the late Dudley Pope, author of the fictional Lord Ramage novels set during the wars against France, wrote The Black Ship about the true events of 1797 in which a mutiny […]