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Books on Military Subjects

The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1811-1814 Tim Saunders and Rob Yuill Pen & Sword, 2020 ISBN 9781526770134 346 pages with over 100 B & W illustrations and maps (The second volume of the story of the Light Division continues where Volume 1 leaves off) Following a chapter on the basic history of the Peninsular […]
Revenge in the Name of Honour: The Royal Navy’s Quest for Vengeance in the Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812 Nicholas James Kaizer Helion & Company (From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815 No. 46), 2020 ISBN 9781912866724 Paperback, 217 pages, maps, colour, and black & white illustrations By the end of 1812 three British […]
The Secret Expedition: The Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland 1799 Geert van Uythoven Helion & Company (2018) ISBN 9781912390205 Hardback, 447 pages, 46 illustrations, 16 maps   The 1799 Anglo-Russian campaign in Holland has not received much attention from English-speaking historians. When they do deign to notice it is usually cast as a second-rate misadventure involving […]
The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1808-1811 Tim Saunders and Rob Yuill Pen & Sword, 2020 ISBN 9781526757326 302 pages with over 100 B & W illustrations and maps This incredibly, is the first of two Histories of the Light Division in the Peninsula due out this year. It is unfortunate that Pen & […]
Author: David A Wilson Helion Books – From Reason to Revolution Series No. 48 ISBN 9781913118914 published 2020 131 pp 43 Colour Illustrations The Danish Army of the later Napoleonic wars (post 1807) whilst allied to France, is not one that has been studied in English to any great extent regarding their uniforms, equipment and […]