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    Not So Easy, Lads: Wearing the Red Coat 1786-1797 Vivien Roworth Helion & Company Limited (2023) ISBN: 9781915113863 Pages: 298 Images: 61 b/w illustrations, 13 colour illustrations, 4 maps, 18 tables, 4 graphs ‘O it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes,” when the drums begin to roll.’[1] Written nearly a hundred years after the […]
Fighting for Napoleon’s Army in Russia: A POW’s Memoir C J Wagevier, translated by Samuel de Korte Pen & Sword Military (2023) ISBN: 9781399089753 Pages: 208 On the frozen banks of the Berezina River, the last remnants of Napoleon’s once invincible Grande Armée fled like phantoms in the night from the encroaching Russian hosts. The little […]
George III’s Illnesses and His Doctors A Study in Early Psychiatry Michael Ramscar Pen and Sword (2023) Hardback ISBN: 9781399060271 Pages: 288 Illustrations: 16 mono illustrations The long reign of George III (1760-1820) covered many significant events in British, American, and European history. His very public afflictions remain amongst the most notorious in medical records. […]
Blood, Guts and Gore: Assistant Surgeon John Gordon Smith at Waterloo Edited by Gareth Glover Pen & Sword Military (2022) Hardcover Pages: 264 Illustrations: 17 colour ISBN: 9781399097215 This book is a condensed version of part of Dr Gordon Smith’s life, commencing with the account of his role during the Waterloo Campaign and life after the […]
Secrets & Scandals in Regency Britain: Sex, Drugs & Proxy Rule Violet Fenn Pen & Sword Books (2022) ISBN: 9781399004268 Pages: 216 Illustrations: 40 black and white illustrations An entertaining compendium of some of the eras’ most scandalous events. From the unorthodox lifestyles of Lord Byron, the Shelley’s and the Ladies of Llangollen to public events […]
The Wives of George IV: The Secret Bride & The Scorned Princess Catherine Curzon Pen & Sword History (2021) ISBN 9781473897496 Hardback, 216 pages, 32 black and white illustrations Author Catherine Curzon once again reaches back into Georgian history to present her readers with a fresh and witty take on two of the era’s most […]
Sir James McGrigor, the Adventurous Life of Wellington’s Chief Medical Officer Tom Scotland Helion & Company (2021) ISBN 9781914059216 Paperback, 178 pages Images: 22 figures, 5 maps, 4 tables   Created by Helion Publishing, in their excellent ‘From Reason to Revolution’ series (no. 65), this is an account of a charismatic, energetic, and brilliant medical […]