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King’s Maritime History Seminars, 2019-20

Action between His Majesty's Sloop, Bonne Citoyenne, and the French frigate,_La_Furieuse

King College are hosting a series of lectures on Maritime history some of which will be of interest to those interested in the Napoleonic Wars.

10 October 2019
Norwegian Shipping in the Twentieth Century: How an Increasingly High-Cost Nation Remained Competitive in a Global Market
Stig Tenold, Norwegian School of Economics

24 October 2019
A History of Clothing and Textiles for Sailors in the British Royal Navy, 1660-1859
Jennifer Daley, King’s College London

7 November 2019
Antoine Larcher’s ‘Project of Expedition to Salvador (Brazil) 1797’ and the Global Competition for the South Atlantic during the Revolutionary Wars, 1792-1802
Marília Arantes, Institute of Latin American Studies, School of Advanced Studies

21 November 2019
Treason and Collaboration: British Prisoners of War in France, 1803-1815,
Kelsey Power, King’s College London

12 December 2019 Proctor Memorial Lecture
The Spritsail Revolution. Government Interference and the Introduction of New Technology at Sea in the Sixteenth Century
Louis Sicking, University of Leiden

*Please note: the Proctor Memorial Lecture is hosted by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Heritage and Education Centre and takes place at Lloyd’s Register, 71 Fenchurch Street. To be admitted, you must have registered in advance via Eventbrite at the link that will be provided separately where you will also find more specific information.

9 January 2020
A Forgotten Navy: The Scope and Nature of Fishermen’s Involvement in the Great War
Robb Robinson, University of Hull

23 January 2020
Vertical Integration or Opportunism: The shipbuilding Enterprises of William Burrell & Son
Martin Bellamy, Glasgow Museums

6 February 2020
Rebuilding the Restoration Warship, The Lenox, of 1678: A Unique Legacy for London’s Maritime Heritage
Julian Kingston, The Lenox Project

20 February 2020
The life expectancy of Zheng He’s Treasure Ships in the Fifteenth Century
Mark Hoskin, SOAS

5 March 2020
British Warship Building 1850-2010: An Analysis
Ian Buxton, University of Newcastle

19 March 2020
The Myth of the First World War Blockade: The Truth of its Real Dynamics
Eric Grove, International Institute of Strategic Studies

23 April 2020
Facing Unlimited War: British Strategic Evolution and Cultural Transformation, 1796-1798
Rachel Blackman, King’s College London

7 May 2020
The Jellicoe Empire Mission and Post-War Naval Policy, 1919-1921
Timothy Moots, King’s College London

21 May 2020
Sex and Drink and Rock and Roll: The Sea Shanty in its Economic, Social, and Cultural Context
Roy Fenton, ‘Ships in Focus’

Seminars take place on Thursdays from 17:15-18:30, in rm K6.07, Dep’t of War Studies, KCL, Strand, WC2R 2LS (6th Floor, King’s Building), with the exception of the Proctor Memorial Lecture. Attendance is free and open to all, but to ensure entry you must register in advance via the War Studies events page, which can be found here: (or by googling ‘war studies events kcl’). Locate and click on the specific seminar to find the registration link.

This seminar series is hosted by the ‘Laughton Naval History Unit’ of the ‘Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War’ in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. It is organised by the British Commission for Maritime History ( in association with the Society for Nautical Research (

For further information about the King’s Maritime History Seminar, contact Dr Alan James, War Studies, KCL, WC2R 2LS (