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Action between His Majesty's Sloop, Bonne Citoyenne, and the French frigate,_La_Furieuse
King College are hosting a series of lectures on Maritime history some of which will be of interest to those interested in the Napoleonic Wars. 10 October 2019 Norwegian Shipping in the Twentieth Century: How an Increasingly High-Cost Nation Remained Competitive in a Global Market Stig Tenold, Norwegian School of Economics 24 October 2019 A […]
Lion Mound
Events in Belgium 2019 250th Anniversary: Birth of Wellington / 18 & 19 May 2019 In commemoration of the birth of the Duke of Wellington, victor of Waterloo, the public can enjoy various weekend events and activities at the beginning of the tourist season. Battle and bivouacs / 22 & 23 June 2019 Experience history: more […]
Apsley House
Apsley House will be holding a number of events and exhibitions throughout the year. Details below. Young Wellington in India Exhibition Opening on 30 March 2019, Young Wellington in India explores eight overlooked years of Arthur’s life. The story will be told through paintings, sketches, books and objects that belonged to him during this influential […]