The Napoleon Series


15 January 2019

Greg Gorsuch translates Commandant Sauzey's multi-volume book The Germans under the French Eagles: Volume III the Saxons in Our Ranks

Chapter 1: The Campaign of 1806 - 1807

In Steve Brown's British Infantry Regiments and the Men Who Led Them – 1793 to 1815

The 89th Foot

From the Antony Broughton Collection: The Uniform Plates of Richard Knötel: the Kingdom of Saxony 1784 - 1813

Dick Tennant continues his study of Cartography and Cartographers of the Peninsular War in Maps in the Peninsular War

Study 2 – British Staff Maps

We update British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars:

The Infantry

We close with a review of: A Light Infantryman with Wellington: The Letters of Captain George Ulrich Barlow, 52nd and 69th Foot, 1808-1815