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INS: J. David Markham, Executive Vice-President

J. David Markham

J. David Markham, Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief

David is the Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief of the International Napoleonic Society. He has published articles in twenty journals and three WEB sites worldwide, and his work has appeared in five languages. David edits the INS journal Napoleonic Scholarship and has organized international congresses in Italy, Israel and the Republic of Georgia. He contributed two chapters to Napoleon: The Final Verdict, and has written a biography of Napoleon which he hopes to publish soon. In 1998, David was featured in the Discovery Channel program Breakout segment on Napoleonic prisoners of war, and in 1999 he appeared in the Learning Channel program The Napoleon Murder Mystery. David lives in Olympia, Washington, and teaches World History at Tumwater High School. He has received numerous local, national, and international awards for his teaching and for his Napoleonic scholarship. David has been listed in Who's Who in America's Teachers three times, and in 2000 was nominated for Who's Who in the World.


Napoleonic and Revolutionary Music

When one considers the legacy of the Napoleonic era, music is often forgotten. Yet this period produced some stirring music. Whether it is the patriotic strains of La Marseillaise, or the reflection of imperial glory in La Victoire et à Nous, music of the epoch reflects the rich and exciting history of the period.

Napoleon on Video

There are dozens of films on the subject of the Napoleonic Era. Here's a compilation.

"Murder by Death?" Napoleon's Demise Reexamined.

Twenty years ago, if you suggested to serious historians that Napoleon had been murdered while in exile on the remote South Atlantic island of St. Helena, and that he was murdered by one of his most trusted French companions in exile, you would likely have been laughed out of the room. No more...

"Etait-ce un Meurtre?" La Mort de Napoléon Soumise A Discussion.

Voici vingt ans, si vous suggériez à des historiens sérieux que Napoléon a été assassiné pendant son exil dans l'île perdue de l'Atlantique sud qu'est Sainte-Hélène, et que le meurtre a été commis par l'un de ses fidèles compagnons d'exil, vous étiez la risée de tous. Plus maintenant...

The Revolution, Napoleon, and Education

The French Revolution and Napoleon each in their turn had a tremendous impact on the development of the French educational system. This article will briefly review the development of French education prior to the Revolution, and then place the contributions of the Revolution and Napoleon in their proper context.

First International Napoleonic Society Congress Held In Italy

The first Congress sponsored by the International Napoleonic Society was held in Alessandria, Italy, June 21-26, 1997. Over forty scholars from around the world, many of them with worldwide reputations, presented papers on a wide range of Napoleonic topics. Participating scholars represented much of the world, including Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Israel, and North America.

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