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INS: Journal Of Napoleonic Scholarship 1997

Volume 1, Number 1, April 1997 - Table of Contents

Journal Of Napoleonic Scholarship 1997 cover

Ben Weider, CM, PhD, President

J. David Markham, Editor-in-Chief, Executive Vice-President

Marie-Anne Cherkesly, Production Editor

Napoleonic Scholarship is a production of the International Napoleonic Society, 2875 Bates Road, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3S 1B7. Telephone: (514) 731 3748, Fax: (514) 731 9026, E-mail: The INS is registered with and recognized by the government of Canada.

All rights reserved. © 1997 International Napoleonic Society

For further information on this Journal, the International Napoleonic Congresses, and other activities of the INS, contact J. David Markham, Editor-in-Chief, Executive Vice-President, International Napoleonic Society: Mr. J. David Markham, MA, MEd, FINS, 458 Sea Lavender Terrace, Wellington, Florida 33414-3942 USA, Phone: (561) 798 8351, Fax: (561) 798 6267 E-mail:


Prince Albert

Honourary President
His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco

The International Napoleonic Society is dedicated to the promotion of the study of the Napoleonic Era around the world. Scholars from the following countries are fellows in our society:

Australia - Austria - Belgium - Canada - Corsica - Czech Republic - France - Germany - Hungary - Israel - Italy - Monaco - Pakistan - Republic of Kazakhstan - Republic of Slovakia - Romania - Russia - Spain - Switzerland - United Kingdom - United States


Call for Journal Papers

Dear Napoleonic colleagues:

The International Napoleonic Society has been formed to promote the study of the Napoleonic Era in accordance with proper academic standards. As part of our program to accomplish that goal, we have established: The Journal of the International Napoleonic Society as an important new outlet for Napoleonic academic-level publishing:

Napoleonic Scholarship will present papers on the Napoleonic era and important translations of memoirs and documents never before widely available to the scholarly community. We will feature the work of scholars from all parts of the world. Sometimes the Journal will concentrate on a specific theme (e.g., the Hundred Days), while other times the articles will represent a range of topics.

We hope that you have found this issue of Napoleonic Scholarship both interesting and useful. We encourage you and your colleagues to submit papers on any Napoleonic topic for our consideration. We also encourage you to submit appropriate maps, diagrams, and art with your papers. Please note that in order to provide consistency for our readers and contributors, all papers will be in English. Included in this publication is a copy of the Guidelines for Contributors.

Please submit all papers and any questions you have to:

J. David Markham, Editor-in-Chief
International Napoleonic Society
458 Sea Lavender Terrace
Wellington, Florida 33414-3942
United States of America
Phone: (561) 798-8351 Fax: (561) 798-6267

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