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Golden Laurel Award Announced

Marchand cover

President Ben Weider has announced that this year's Golden Laurel Award goes to Proctor Jones for his book In Napoleon's Shadow: The First English Edition of the complete Memoirs of Louis-Joseph Marchand, Valet and Friend of the Emperor 1811-1821. The INS strongly encourages the translations of important memoirs and documents into English, and few memoirs could begin to match Marchand's for importance. Professor Donald Horward of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution writes that "Proctor Jones has made an invaluable contribution... [this book] provides unique insights into the personal work habits of Napoleon, his relationship with family and staff, and his views on the events that dominated the last years of his life. Particularly valuable are the intimate details of Napoleon's life on Elba and St. Helena; they are unsurpassed." With a preface by Jean Tulard, this work provides those not fluent in French a unique opportunity to see inside the Emperor's mind. The INS congratulates and thanks Proctor Jones for this, the latest of his important contributions to Napoleonic scholarship.






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