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Prince Murat Accepts Position in INS


From left to right: Prince Murat, Colonel Émile Gueguen, the most decorated living French soldier, Prince Charles Napoleon, and INS President Ben Weider.

The INS is very pleased and proud to announce that Prince Joachim Murat has agreed to accept a very important position in our Society. He was named the Director General for the francophone countries. During a recent visit to Paris, President Ben Weider met with Prince Murat and with Prince Napoleon. After extensive conversations, Prince Napoleon agreed with the aims and goals of the INS and thanked Mr. Weider profoundly for his dedication and hard work, which made the INS the leading organization of its kind in the world.

The International Napoleonic Society continues to thrive and membership increases on a regular basis. There are now historians from twenty-two countries who are Fellows of the INS.





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