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Musicians of the “Red Lancers”

By: Markus Stein, based on the original article by Michel Baptiste

Translator:  Justin Howard

This article previously appeared in Issue 1 of the German-language magazine Depesche, which is published by our partner, Napoleon Online. We appreciate the kindness of the editor, Markus Stein, for giving us permission to publish the translation. It is based on an article in the French-language magazine Le Briquet.


Author's Note: I have taken a short article by Michel Baptiste from Issue 3/1983 of our French friends’ magazine, about two musicians of the 2nd Regiment of chevaux-légers of the Guard of 1812.

Musicians of the :Red Lancers"

In Plate 1, the following are to be found:


The white top square of the czapka has scarlet piping as well as diagonal strips from corner to corner; black lower part with gold lace along the upper edge; black peak with brass piping; brass “sunburst” with silver plate in the centre – on this plate a gold, crowned “N”; cords in gold and scarlet (in alternating segments); red over white plume.

White kurtka with scarlet lapels, cuffs, turnbacks, piping and collar; gold lace on the collar, lapels and button holes.

Scarlet/gold epaulette. On the left hand side (not visible here) scarlet/gold aiguillettes.

Scarlet sash with gold lace.

Scarlet cartridge box belt with gold lace border.

Black cartridge box with brass eagle.

Gloves in light ochre; white cuffs.

Scarlet breeches with gold lace and piping on the outer seams.

Black shoes with blackened spurs.

Scarlet barrel sash with gold lace.

Sabre in brass scabbard; white sword knot with scarlet/gold tassel (not visible here).

Brass trumpet; scarlet/gold cords; dark blue pennant with gold fringes, cords and tassels; on the pennant a silver ribbon with red lining and black inscription; gold embroidery.

Kettle Drummer

In contrast to many of the other kettle drummers in the French army, this man is white-skinned.

Scarlet top square of the czapka, with gold piping; white fur band; white plume; from left to right blue, white and red feathers.

White caftan; double row of gold lace; sky-blue collar with gold lace.

Waistcoat with white sleeves; sky-blue cuffs; gold lace chevrons.

Sky-blue sash.

Scarlet breeches.

Pale yellow boots.

Scarlet saddlecloth with gold lace (not visible here).

Scarlet drum aprons with gold lace and decoration; gilt inscription on white ribbon; gilt tassels with scarlet fringes.

Drumsticks from blackened wood, with white heads.

White horse.

Gilt bridle; scarlet/gold tassels; plume and feathers as on the czapka.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: March 2010


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