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By: Markus Stein

Translator:  Justin Howard

This article previously appeared in Issue 3 of the German-language magazine Depesche, which is published by our partner, Napoleon Online. We appreciate the kindness of the editor, Markus Stein, for giving us permission to publish the translation.


Peter Wacker – “Das Herzoglich Nassauische Militär 1806 – 1866, in Uniformtafeln von Carl Jakob Frankenbach“, 16 pages, 8 colour plates, published by Schellenberg’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung Taunusstein, 1985.

This small book was sent to me for review by Klaus-Dieter Gerson’s military bookshop. Mr. Gerson informs me that it will be published in a print run of only 250 copies, for which he has the exclusive marketing rights. The 8 plates published here for the first time depict a total of 54 figures by C.J. Frankenbach (1861-1937), and are today to be found in the Museum Wiesbaden. Three of the plates, totalling 20 figures, are dedicated to the Napoleonic era, although only for the period of the alliance with France. Among these are interesting figures from the earlier period (1806), but also such interesting figures as a youthful drummer (in Spain, or at least so stated) and a Drum Major which until now was totally unknown to me. Peter Wacker, who is a renowned expert on the history of Nassau and its army (see also his article in Issue 2 of Depesche), provides the accompanying text for the plates, discussing the evolution and curiosities of the uniforms and equipment – he also briefly covers the period of the Battle of Waterloo, though unfortunately not exhaustively, as this would have gone beyond the scope of the book. An additional text – also by Mr. Wacker – about the history of the Army of Nassau and its role in the campaigns from 1806 to 1866 gives a foretaste of Peter Wacker’s work in progress about the role of Nassau and its army in the campaigns of 1806 – 1814.

In brief, for a reasonable price the eager collector obtains an excellent introduction and initial overview of the history and uniforms of the Army of Nassau.

It only remains to mention the format of the plates (14 x 7 cm), which nevertheless allows the details of the uniforms to be clearly distinguished.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: October 2010