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Uniforms and Armies of Bygone Days


Year 1: No. 3


These articles previously appeared in Issue 3 of the German-language magazine Depesche, which is published by our partner, Napoleon Online. We appreciate the kindness of the editor, Markus Stein, for giving us permission to publish the translation.


Table of Contents

From the archive … Electorate of Saxony, Kettle-Drummer of the Kochtitzki Cuirassier Regiment 1806 by M. Gärtner      

Curiosities – French Telegraphs by E. Wagner

A Russian Corps at Borodino 1812 by J. E. Koontz

14th French Hussars 1814 by E. Wagner 

Prussian Horse Artillery in the Campaign of 1815 by  U. Ehmke and E. Wagner

The Reserve Companies of the French  départements by C. Achard         



Unless otherwise noted, the drawings which accompany the text are by L. Sergent and G. Bauer.



Editor: Markus Stein                                                                     

Translated by: Justin Howard


Placed on the Napoleon Series: October 2010