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Smoothbore Ordnance Journal

Welcome to the fifth pre-print issue of the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal published by Ken Trotman Ltd in association with the Napoleon-Series. The importance of the technical subjects of ordnance, science and engineering has been shown over the years by discussion on the Napoleon Series Forum and elsewhere. It is hoped that the journal will make such discussion more informed and productive. Contributions of translations and academic papers are welcomed on subjects connected to artillery or military engineering from the Thirty Years War to the Franco-Prussian War

Issue 5: Waterloo Artillery (2012)

Chairman of the Editorial Board
Digby Smith

Dr. Stephen Summerfield
Loughborough University

Ken Trotman Publishing.

ISBN -------

107 pages and 6 colour plates

This issue has four main themes.

Theme One: Waterloo Artillery

·         Lt-Col Townend RA gives an informative introduction to the Artillery at Waterloo.

·         Waterloo is one of the most written about battles but the role of the artillery is still poorly understood and controversial. Much of this revolves the letter written by the Duke of Wellington on 21 December 1815 that accused the Royal Artillery of cowardice and despite the evidence is repeated even in books published recently.

·         David Wright revisits the Tactical Deployment of the Royal Horse Artillery at Waterloo as described by Maj-Gen BP Hughes.

·         Stephen Summerfield gives an overview of The Board of Ordnance and Army Supply in 1815 and British Artillery at Waterloo.

·         Erwin Muilwijk gives details upon the Netherlands Artillery at Waterloo.

Theme Two: Horse Artillery [Part 2]

·         This carries on the discussion of the role of horse artillery with papers by Hume upon the Classification of Artillery.

·         Digby Smith translated Scharnhorst’s comments upon Horse Artillery.

·         Stephen Summerfield explores Towards Tactical Mobility and Napoleonic Horse Artillery.

·         Anthony Dawson and Stephen Summerfield demonstrate that the Origins of British Horse Artillery pre-dates 1793 when it received the Royal Warrant.

Theme Three: Prussian Artillery of Napoleonic Wars

·         Digby Smith continues his translation of the Geschichte der Brandenburg Preussischen Artillery [History of the Prussian Artillery] by Milnowsky and Bonin (1841).

Theme Four: French Gribeauval and AnXI Cannon (1791-1828)

·         Stephen Summerfield gives a chronology for French cannon over the period of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

·         The Notes on Artillery dictated by Napoleon translated by F.E.B. Laws justifies replacing of the Gribeauval System by the AnXI System.

Other Issues

Issue 4: 18th Century Artillery (2012)

Ken Trotman Publishing.

ISBN -------

108 pages and 6 colour plates

Smoothbore Ordnance Journal,

Issue 3,



Section 1 Artillery at Waterloo

SOJ 5(01) Overview of The Artillery at Waterloo

SOJ-5(02) The Board of Ordnance and Army Supply in 1815

SOJ 5(03) Wellington to Master General of Ordnance 12 June 1815

SOJ 5(04) Waterloo Dispatch 19 June 1815

SOJ 5(05) Wellington to Master General of Ordnance, 21 Dec 1815

SOJ 5(06) The Waterloo myth of Royal Artillery cowardice

SOJ-5(07) Commander of the Royal Artillery dispatch of 24 June 1815

SOJ 5(08) British Artillery at Waterloo

SOJ 5(09) Tactical Deployment of the Royal Horse Artillery at Waterloo, An analysis of the theory of Major-General B. P. Hughes

SOJ-5(10) Netherlands Artillery at Waterloo

SOJ 5 (11) Comparison of Austrian, British, French and Prussian Ordnance

Section 2 Horse Artillery

SOJ-5(12) Classification of Artillery

SOJ 5(13) Scharnhorst, Horse Artillery is much better suited to be used in the Reserve than Foot Artillery

SOJ 5(14) Towards Tactical Mobility and Napoleonic Horse Artillery

SOJ 5(15) Origins of British Horse Artillery (1761-92)

Section 3: Prussian Horse Artillery

SOJ 5(16) Prussian Horse Artillery

SOJ 5(17) Prussian Artillery of the French Revolutionary Wars

SOJ 5(18) Reorganisation of the Prussian Army in 1809

Section 4 French Gribeauval and AnXI Cannon (1791-1828)

SOJ 5(19) French Guns in the Revolutionary Wars (1790-1802)

SOJ-4(20) Notes on Artillery Dictated by Napoleon at St. Helena to Baron Gourgaud

SOJ-5(21) Correction of Napoleon’s Calculations

SOJ-5(22) On the Composition of the French Artillery Material

SOJ 5(23) AnXI System (1803-07)

SOJ 5(24) AnXI modified M1808 System

Section 5: Reviews

Section 6: Dispatches

This is a readers’ section offering correspondence, inquiries and discussion on Ordnance. The editors of the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal invite queries but please note that we cannot answer questions relating to genealogy. Those interested in such matters are directed to the many websites that specialise in this type of research. Please send your inquiries to the Editor. There are no “Dispatches” for this Issue.


The editor wishes to thank Richard Brown of Ken Trotman Ltd, Norman Swales, the Royal Armouries and NGA Archive for permission to reproduce many of the illustrations. The comments and advice from John Cook, Gerard Cronin of Gringo40s, Anthony L. Dawson, Donald Graves, David Hollins, Nick Lipscombe, David McCracken, Christian Rogge and Digby Smith have made this a pleasure to put journal together. The support of Robert Burnham of the Napoleon-Series, Patrick Ehresmann, Philip Magrath of the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, Steven H. Smith, Matthew Switlik and Hans Karl Weiss for the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal from early beginnings has been greatly appreciated.



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