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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 1: January 2006


Edited by: John R. Grodzinski

Sponsored by Robin Brass Studio


Table of Contents


"For want of this precaution ... many Men lose their Arms:" Official, Semi-Official and Unofficial American Artillery Texts, 1775-1815. An introduction to a series of articles by Donald E. Graves.

"For want of this precaution ... many Men lose their Arms"Official, Semi-Official and Unofficial American Artillery Texts, 1775-1815. In the first of a series of articles, Donald E. Graves examines American artillery literature from the Revolution to the War of 1812.

Command and Control in Upper Canada. by John R. Grodzinski. An overview of the command and formation organization employed by the British in Upper Canada during the War of 1812. Note: This paper won an Honorable Mention for the Best Military Paper in the 2006 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!


A readers section offering correspondence, inquiries and discussion on the War of 1812. The editors of the War of 1812 Magazine invite queries but please note that we cannot answer questions relating to genealogy. Those interested in such matters are directed to the many websites that specialize in this type of research. Thanks to Donald E. Graves for answering the first inquiries for this section. Please send your inquiries to the Editor

Note that each letter or inquiry is numbered, so they can be referred in future by that number, such as 1001.

1001. Uniforms and equipment of the Canadian Voltiguers

1002. Organization of an American Infantry Regiment during the War of 1812

1003. Who won the War of 1812?

Documents, Artefacts and Imagery

"As long as the powder burnt, to kill and scalp": An Ottawa Chief Talks Plain to the White Man, 15 July 1813. Text of a speech given by the Ottawa Chief Blackbird

Great Advantages to Those Who Enlist. A recruiting poster for the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles

HMS St Lawrence. An image of a model of the largest vessel to serve on the Great Lakes

Fort Erie. A modern view of defile that stopped the British from exploiting their gains at Fort Erie in August 1814.

The Champlain Society Digital Collection. An introduction to this important series of published documents on the War of 1812

Reviews: Books, Film, Collectables and Ephemera

GI Joe Move Over: Donald E. Graves Reviews the Modellors Loft Napoleonic Series Royal Scots Figure



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