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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Combat at Hoff

Arriving at Glodau, the grand-duke of Berg met with the enemy rear-guard, and charged it between Glodau and Hoff.  The enemy deployed several lines of cavalry that appeared to support this rear-guard, made up of twelve battalions, in front of the heights of Landsberg.  The grand-duke of Berg made his dispositions.  After various attacks on the right-hand flank and the left of the enemy, supported on a knoll and a wood, the dragons and the cuirassiers of the division of the General d’Hautpoult made a brilliant charge, crushed and turned to pieces two regiments of Russian infantry.  The colonels, the flags, the guns and the majority of the officers and soldiers were taken.  The enemy army made a move to support its rear-guard.  The marshal Augereau took up a position on the left, and the village of Hoff was occupied.  The enemy felt the importance of this position, and marched ten battalions to take it again.  The grand-duke of Berg carried out a second charge by the cuirassiers, which took them in flank and hacked them up.  These operations are a beautiful feat of arms and bestowed the greatest honor upon these intrepid cuirassiers.  This day deserves a particular relation; part of the two armies spent the night of the 6th to the 7th in each other’s presence.  The enemy slipped away during the night.




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