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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Letter from Lauderdale to Talleyrand on His Willingness to Continue the Negotiations: 19 September 1806

No. XXXIII.  – The undersigned plenipotentiary of H. M. the King of Great Britain (while answering the official note of H. Exc. the Minister of Foreign Relations, of the 13th of this month, which was given to him today), starts by observing that he will, as much as it is possible, intentionally abstain from any remark on points which could be stated here that are unrelated to the object immediately in question.  He will avoid by this means the discussions that would likely make him forget the tone and measure that is all prescribed to him by his duty on the course of his mission.  This control is also only in conformity with this love of the peace, which characterizes all the steps of the King, his Master.

When the undersigned represents himself on coming to Paris, as authorized to make peace on supposed conditions suggested by France, that, in spite of refusal of H. I. M. of all Russias to ratify the treaty signed by Mr. d’ Oubril, and the striking advantages obtained by arms of H. M. in Spanish America, I was seen capable giving (as I had the honor to make) to H. M. Minister of Foreign Relations, insurances that the requests for his court in his own favor, would not be primarily increased by the circumstances;  the undersigned had to be surprised to see that one wants to suppose with his government the intention to be exaggerated imperiously.  It is no less of that while answering a note in which I had had the honor to distinctly explain to H. Exc. why it was on the conditions stated by H. E. the Baron of Budberg, that one insisted in favor of Russia, H. Exc. believed to have a seal of reprobation of the conditions suggested in the circumstances completely different, by Mr. Novosiltzoff, and the nature whose the undersigned is in fact, entirely unaware of.

However, after having been explained as the undersigned with respect to H. Exc. the Minister of Foreign Relations, and have made him hear that it is authorized to deal only so as to ensure himself of the fact that peace with Great Britain and Russia will be accomplished at the same time, and after having received in the official note of yesterday, the insurance which the French Government does not refuse with the admission of an article the purpose of which will be to provide for this essential object, the undersigned does not have any difficulty in resuming the conferences with LL EE. the French plenipotentiaries, as soon as their Exc. are authorized with this. 

The undersigned has the honor to renew to H. Exc. the Minister for External Relations, the insurance of his high consideration.                               


Paris, this 19 September 1806. 




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