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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Document from Czar Alexander Naming Mr. d’Oubril His Negotiator



Authorizations of Mr. d’ Oubril.

We Alexander, emperor and autocrat of all the Russias, etc., etc., etc.  (the title of H. M. follows.)

Constantly carrying our solicitude with the conservation of European calm and peace, and being moved by a sincere desire to put an end to the disagreement and to restore the good harmony with France, on solid bases, we judged good to entrust this care with a person enjoying our confidence.  To this end, we chose, named and authorized our friend and servant Pierre Oubril, our adviser of State and knight of the Orders of Saint-Vladimir of the third class, Sainte-Anne of the second, and Saint-Jean of Jerusalem, as we choose him, let us name and authorize the one presented, for the purpose of achieving this goal, of entering in talks with the one or the ones that will be sufficiently authorized there on behalf of the French government, to conclude and sign with them an act or convention, on bases suitable to strengthen the peace which will be reestablished between Russia and France, as preparing it between the others in Europe.

Let us promise on our imperial word, to have for good, and to carry out all accurately that will have been stopped and signed by our plenipotentiary spokesman;  in the same way to give our imperial ratification in the interim to which he will have been promised.

In witness whereof, we signed this authorization and made there affix the seal of our Empire.

Given in Saint-Petersburg, April 30, 1806, and of our reign the sixth year. 


Countersigned, prince ADAM CZARTORYSKI

Certified for conforming with translation with the original,




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