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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Notice from the French Military Governor to the People of Leipzig: 18 October 1806


The General Macon, under governor of Tuileries, order of the Legion of Honor, Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion, and commander of the town of Leipsick, with the bankers, traders and merchants of the city. 


The fate of the war put Leipsick in the hands of the Great-Napoleon.  Your city is recognized in Europe for being the principal warehouse of English goods, under this report a dangerous enemy of France.

The Emperor and King orders me as follows:

Art. Ier.  In the twenty-four hours which will follow the present notification, any banker, trader or merchant, having funds or goods coming from English manufacturers, that is to say that they belong to English or to the merchant, will make their written statement of it on a register established at the commander of the place.

II.   These statements authentically made, allow the search of the homes of those that declare or those that do not declare, to examine their register and check the goods, in order to ensure himself of their good-faith, and punish militarily the fraud if it be recognized.

III.  The magistrates will also make their responsibility, the correct and detailed declaration of the military stores belonging both to Saxony and in Prussia, as well as the powder stores, even those for trade. 

IV.  A commission will be named and charged to affix the seals after tomorrow on all the stores or funds that will have been discovered.

V.  Any contribution or particular requisition, whether out of cloth, money or horses, if it does not emanate from a proper authority, will be rigorously forbidden.  The inhabitant or the magistrate, who will have had the weakness of underwriting one without warning the commander of it taking place, will be punished with fifteen days of prison.

VI.  The present notification will be read and posted with all the corners, places and crossroads of the city.

Given to Leipsick, October 18, 1806.




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