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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Capitulation of Erfurth: 15 October 1806

Capitulation of the city and citadel of Erfurth, made between Colonel Préval, one of the Commandants of the Legion of Honor, provided with full-authority by H. A. R. Prince Joachim, Garge-Duke of Berg and Clèves, lieutenant of H. M. the Emperor of the French, King of Italy on the one hand;  and on the other Major Prueschenek, commanding the city and citadel of Erfurth, as well as strong Cyriaxbourg, for H. M. the King of Prussia.



Art.  Ier.  The garrison will leave on October 17 with the honors of war, with weapons, effects and luggage, including the pieces
of the battalion, the campaign batteries, bakeries and the train of the army.  It will march out with  beating drum, deployed
flags and fuses lit, to return in the city nearest to the states of H. M. the King of Prussia, in Halle.          

Art.  Ier.  The posts will be occupied for the present by the troops of H. M. the Emperor and King:  tomorrow October   16, 1806, at midday, the garrison will leave with weapons, luggage, deployed flags and the guns of the battalion.  It will deposit its weapons on the glacis, and will be captives of war.  The officers will preserve their swords and their equipment.  They will re-enter Prussia on their word to be useful only after their exchange.  The means of transport for them and their equipment will be granted to them to compensate for the insufficiency of theirs.


II.  The wounded officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, who are in the place, will comply as in the preceding article.  Those which are in  a state to be transported, will immediately follow the garrison, and those who are not in a position to cover a lot of mileage, will remain at the expenses of H. M. of the Prussians, and will be looked after by its employees.  As these casualties are healed, they will join their respective corps, and will obtain the passports necessary to this effect.


II.  The wounded officers, non- commissioned officers and soldiers are included as it says in the article above, and one must refer some to French generosity for the care which one calls upon in their favor.

III.  Tomorrow at midday, the gate of Saint John will be turned-over to be ccupied outside.  The Prussian guard will remain on in the inside, and also for the time being the Prussian garrison will remain in place, nobody will be allowed to enter there, except the police chiefs charged to hold the place.


III.  Included in the first article.

IV.  If, notwithstanding the contents of the article as it says above, the non-commissioned officers and soldiers came downtown, they would be stopped and given at once to the exterior outposts.  In the same way, no Prussian soldier will be allowed to leave the place for the long term that the garrison will remain there, except for the officers that might need to be sent to the French Army headquarters.


IV.  Understood as in the first article.   

V.  Police chiefs will be named on both
sides, to carry out all that has to do with the account of  the handing-over of the place, as appropriate for the items which require common work.  Those will meet since the French guard will have occupied the Gate of Saint-John, and the police chiefs will continue their work after the departure of the garrison.  In the ending of these terms, they will be given passports necessary for the Prussian police chiefs to be turned over to the States of H. M. the King of Prussia. 


V.  The police chiefs will occupy themselves as of tomorrow morning, the 16th, of census and the handing-over of artillery and of tons of stores.  The passports will be granted for the return of those to H. M. the King of Prussia. 

VI.  Particular properties will be respected and put under the protection of H. M. the Emperor of the French and King of Italy.

VI.  The properties will be respected. 

VII  The effects of the individuals belonging to the garrison, not being able all to be carried at the time, a fixed term of three months will be set, from the day of this capitulation so that these individuals can call for their properties without it being made difficult for them nor in which they are charged any unspecified fees. 


VII. Returned with the first article;  only the soldiers will not be deprived of their haversacks. 

VIII.  Dating from the moment of the signature of this capitulation, it will be sent with a Prussian officer to H. M. the King of Prussia, and one will provide him with all that can help speed his voyage.


VIII.  Granted .

IX.  The campaign equipment of H. M. the king of Prussia that is at this moment at Erfurth will be sent to a city still occupied by the troops of the king. 


IX.  This article will be subjected to H. A. I. Prince Joachim, Grand-Duke of Clèves and Berg. 


This capitulation included the general officers who being in the place, had some part in its making.

In Erfurth, October 15, 1806, at 11 o’clock in the evening.






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