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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Capitulation of the Fortress of Spandau: 25 October 1806

Copy of the capitulation of the fortress of Spandau.

We, divisional general in the service of H. I. M. and K. grand-ribbon of the legion of honor, chief of staff-major-general of the 5th corps of the Grand-Army, acting in the capacities of Mr. marshal of the Empire Lannes, commanding as the head the aforementioned army corps.

And Mr. major Benekendorff, major in the service of H. M. the king of Prussia, commanding the fortress of Spandau,

Are agreed of what follows:

Art. Ist. The officers of the garrison of Spandau will withdraw themselves where they will be without their weapons, clothes and other effects belonging to them.

II.  Mr. the marshal Lannes commits himself in asking H. I. M. and K. whom among the invalids and also their wives may preserve their effects, and who can remain in the citadel.

III. The warrant officers and soldiers forming the garrison of the fortress of Spandau, are prisoners of war.

IV. The fortress will be given at once to the French Army, with artillery, weapons, ammunition, and in general all its provisions.

V.  The officers will be free to withdraw themselves where they will desire.  The chief of staff of the 5th corps of the Grand-Army will deliver a passport to them. 

VI.  All those who are not a soldier will leave the place without any condition, and will carry their clothes and other effects.

Spandau, October 25, 1806.

Signed, major general, VICTOR and V. BEKENDORFF. 





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