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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Capitulation of the Prince of Hohenlohe’s Column: 29 October 1806

The provisional capitulation  concluded between Mr. Hagel, brigadier (colonel commandant) commanding the regiment of Treuenfels and the detached column of the Prince of Hohenlohe, and lieutenant colonel Guillaume, of the 13th regiment of horse chausseurs, in the name of Mr. the General Milhaud, commanding the cavalry of avanced-guard, and by order of H. A. I. the Grand-Duke of Berg and Clèves. 

Art. Ist.  The column turned by the cavalry of the General Milhaud, and composed as it follows: 


Infantry. – von Treuenfels, von Zeuge, von Siech, von Prince Ferdinand. 

Cavalry – von Count Heukel, v. Husing,  carabiniers, von Suenting, von Holzendorff, von Balliodz.

A remainder of the artillery train, eight pieces of 6, a box and detachment of hussards of Bela, are put at the service of the French troops.

II.  The infantry and the cavalry will put down the weapons on the ground which will be indicated, and the column thus disarmed will be captives of war.

The officers of cavalry, infantry, artillery and train of artillery, will preserve their horses and luggage, and will withdraw themselves on parole, as graciously allowed by H. A. Mgr. the Grand-Duke of Berg and of Clèves. 

Granted, by order of the Grand Duke.

Signed, BELIARD,

III.  The officers will ensure the handing-over of all the effects and horses belonging to King of Prussia;  and considering that the column is entirely disordered and put in a state of impossible action;  the horses for the continuation of the officers will be preserved, until the Prince Grand Duke of Berg and Clèves rules on granting the flavor to the Prussian officers to be able to take all their horses again. 

By order of the Grand Duke, the officers will preserve all their horses. 

Signed, BELIARD.

IV.  The Prussian regiments will put down the weapons in front of the 13th. regiment of horse chausseurs, and 9th. of dragons.  Colonels Demangeot. commanding the chausseurs, and Maupetit, commanding the dragons, will be in charge of the execution with this capitulation,

Made at Passewalk; October 29, 1806.


Considered and approved by General MILHAUD.

By order of the Grand Duke of Berg,

Approval for the present capitulation to be carried out. 

The Chief of the General Staff,

Signed, BELIARD. 

Locknitz, October 29, 1806. 





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