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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Capitulation of the Town of Stettin: 29 October 1806

After the strong speech the Prussians and the place of Stettin were summoned by the General Lassalle, in the name of H. A. I and R. the Grand Duke of Berg, and this summation, after a first refusal, was repeated with authority, it was concluded by the Lieutenant-General Baron Romberg, governor, and Major General Knobelsdorff, assisted by the Generals of the Engineers of Raudem and the Major of the Engineers of Barun, to return the town of Stettin and the Prussian fort, only under the following conditions, with Mr. the General Lassalle, ordering the advanced guard of H. A. I. and R. the Grand Duke of Berg. 

ART.  Ist.  All the current garrison, including the small staff and all the soldiers not forming part of the garrison, will obtain the free exit with weapons and luggage, to go, to western and northern Prussia, or Silesia. 

R.  The garrison will leave with the honors the war, will deposit their weapons on the glacis, will be captives of war, and sent in France.  The officers will be prisoners on-parole, and they will be granted passports to go where their good will sees fit.

II.  The above-mentioned garrison preserves its properties, and goes on word to the place which it will choice.

R.  The officers will preserve their swords, their luggage, their horses, and all that can belong to them.

III.  Only the royal properties will be given to the French troops.

R.  All that is in the place belonging to H. M. the King of Prussia will be given to the French troops.

IV.  The outgoing garrison will receive all help necessary.  – R. Granted.

V.  The Prussian troops will be granted at least twenty-four hours for the arrangement of their business.

R.  The Prussian troops will be given until midday for the arrangement of their business. 

VI.  During this twenty-four hours interval, the Berlin gate will be given to the troops of H. M. the Emperor of the French.

R.  The Berlin gate will be given to the French troops, who will have a post on the Oder bridge.  These two posts will be occupied at six o’clock in the morning by the French troops.

VII.  The Imperial French troops will respect and protect the properties from the inhabitants of the place of Stettin, the Prussian fort and the suburbs.

R.  Granted.

VIII.  The families of all the soldiers can rely on the protection of the Imperial French troops.

R.  Granted.

IX.  From the date of the ratification of this capitulation, all the hostilities of the town of Stettin will cease.

R.  Granted.

X.  The patients and the casualties of the Prussian army who are in the place, are abandoned to the generous treatment of the French troops.  Granted.

Stettin, October 29, 1806, at six o’clock in the evening.

Considered and approved the present capitulation is to be carried out.               

The Baron ROMBERG, governor.

R.  XI.  The treasure that is in this place will be given to the French troops.

XII.  On both sides will be named artillery and engineer officers, to give and receive all the stores, ammunition, charts, plans, etc which are in the place.

Within the general district of Mohringen, October 29, 1806.

The Brigadier General, commanding the advance guard of the Reserve Cavalry Corps, with the orders of H. A. I. and R., the Grand Duke of Berg, lieutenant of the Emperor.

                                                            Signed, LASALLE. 

By order of H. A. the Grand Duke of Berg and Clèves, lieutenant of the Emperor, considered and approved the present capitulation to be carried out.

The General as Chief of Staff,


In Mohringen, October 29, at half past eleven o’clock in the evening.



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