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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Articles for the Surrender of General Blucher: 7 November 1806


Capitulation of November 7.

ART.  Ist.  Troops under the orders of H. E Mister the General Blucher, as well as cavalry, infantry as artillery, and any detachment belonging to his command, will be prisoners of war. 

II.  The weapons, horses, guns and ammunition of any species will be given over on the field to the French Army.

III.  The officers of any rank, including the cadets, will preserve their weapons, horses and luggage, the non-commissioned officers and soldiers will preserve their bags and overcoats. 

IV.  The officers become prisoners of war on their word, and commit themselves to returning to the point that will be indicated to them.

V.  The military cash box, and all the funds belonging to General Blucher, will be given to the French Army:  or made a condition of the parole Mr. the General Blucher.

VI.  Mr. the General Blucher will give through his Quarter-Master-General the state of all the corps and detachments which belongs to his command.

VII.  The army corps of H. E. Mr. General Blucher, will file out, today at midday, with the honors of the war, in the presence of the French Army, with its weapons, guns, flags and standards deployed.  It will deposit its weapons, after it will has past the left of the French Army. 

Prepared in duplicate in Ratkau, November 7, 1806.

Signed lieutenant-general von Blucher.

major general, RIVAUX. 

State of the corps and detachments, under the orders of Mr. the lieutenant-general von Blucher.

2 battalions Graf Kunheim,

At  4 to 500 men per battalion

2 idem von Borcke,

2 idem von Tschammer,

2 idem Herzog von Braunschweig-Oels,

2 idem von Owstien,

1 battalion Bila fusiliers,

At 500 men per battalion

1 idem Graf Wedel,

1 idem Kaiserlingk,

6e. companies of jäger,

400 men

1 battalion fusiliers Ivernois.


2 von Natzmer.

2 von Kauffberg.

2 von Jung-Larisch.

2 von Manstein.

1 battalion of grenadiers Obrist Vieregg

At 150 men

1 von Schmeling,

1 fusiliers Kloch,

1 idem Greiffenberg,

10 squadrons von Rudorff,


10 idem von Pletz,

5 idem von Köhler,

10 idem von Blücher,

5 squadrons von Osten,

40 or 50 chass.

1 idem König von Bayern,

2 idem von Irwing,

1 idem von Bailliodz,

5 battalions von Heyking.


½ von Wobeser.

2 von Beeren.

Several detachments.

1 battery von Wagener,

Horse artillery

½ idem Heidenreich,

½ idem Lehmann,

2 guns von Scholten,


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