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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armee

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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Proclamation: December 2, 1806

With the General-Imperial Quarters at Posen,


“Today a year ago, at this same time, that you were on the memorable field of Austerlitz.  The terrified Russian battalions fled in rout, or, surrounded, yielded their weapons to the winners.  The following day they were made to hear words of peace;  but they were misleading.  Hardly having escaped by the efforts of a generosity perhaps condemnable, from the disasters of the third coalition, they hatched a fourth from it.  But the ally, on the tactics of which melted for them their principle hope, is already no more.  Its fortified towns, its capitals, its stores, its arsenals, 280 flags, 700 pieces of battalions, five large places war, are in our capacity.  The Oder, the Wartha, the deserts of Poland, the bad times of the season could not stop you one moment.  You always braved, always surmounted; all fled with your approach.  It was in vain that the Russians wanted to defend the capital of this old and illustrious Poland; the French Eagle soars over the Vistula.  The brave and unfortunate Polish by seeing you believe they see the legions of Sobieski return on their memorable expedition. 

“Soldiers, we will not put down the weapons which did not strengthen a general peace and ensured the power of our allies, did not restore our trade to its freedom and its colonies.  We conquered on the Elba and the Oder, Pondichery, our establishments in the Indies, the Cape-of-Good-Hope and the Spanish colonies.  Who would give the right to hope for the Russians to balance the destinies?  Who would give them the right to reverse our righteous intentions?  ARE WE AND THEY NOT THE SOLDIERS Of AUSTERLITZ?” 

Signed, NAPOLÉON. 

For the Emperor,

Prince of Neufchâtel, Minister of War, Major-General,

Signed, Marshal ALEX.  BERTHIER. 




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