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Russian-Austrian Order-of-Battle at Austerlitz: 2 December 1805

Russian-Austrian Order-of-Battle at Austerlitz: 2 December 1805

The Right Wing: (Russian Advanced Guard)

By Stephen Millar

Commander: Bagration, GL Petr Ivanovich, Prince

15 battalions, 35 squadrons and 44 guns in 5 batteries

Light Brigade
Dolgorukov III, GM Petr Petrovich, Prince

Jager Regiment Nr. 5: 3 battalions
Pantenius, Major Fedor Ivanovich

Jager Regiment Nr. 6: 3 battalions
Belokopytov, Col. Ivan Petrovich

Infantry Brigade
Kamensky II, GM Nikolai Mikailovich, Count

Arkhangelgorod Musketeer Regiment: 3 battalions
Berlizeev, Col. Mikhail Ivanovich

Infantry Brigade
Engelhardt, GM Anton Jevstafieovich

Old Ingermanland Musketeer Regiment: 3 battalions

Pskov Musketeer Regiment: 3 battalions

Cavalry Brigade
Wittgenstein, GM  Ludwig-Adolf-Peter [Petr Khristianovich] von

Pavlovgrad Hussar Regiment [Nr. 2]: 10 squadrons

Mariupol Hussar Regiment [Nr. 3]: 10 squadrons

Cavalry Brigade
Voropaitzky, GM

Her Majesty’s Leib Cuirassier Regiment: 5 squadrons
Witt, Col. Iakov Osipovich, Count de

Tver Dragoon Regiment [Nr. 5]: 5 squadrons

St. Petersburg Dragoon Regiment [Nr. 13]: 5 squadrons

Tschaplitz, GM Efim Igatevich

Khazankov Cossacks

Kiselev Cossacks

Malakhov Cossacks


Russian 6-pdr Horse Battery Nr. 1: 12 guns

Russian 6-pdr Horse Battery Nr. 4: 6 guns

Austrian 6-pdr Horse Battery Nr. 5: 6 guns

2 batteries of battalion guns: 20 guns




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