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The Fortress of Peschiera: Territorial Defence Resolutions and Geo-Strategic Applications in 1796 Repubblica Marciana.

The Fortress of Peschiera: TerritorialDefence Resolutions and Geo-Strategic Applications in 1796 RepubblicaMarciana.


By Roberto A. Scattolin, Italy



2 March: Bonaparte is appointed at the head of the armée d’Italie (i.e., French army in Italy).

27 March: Bonaparte assumed his executive function on the Staff of the armée d’Italie.

6 April: Napoleon moved his headquarters forwards to Albenga.

10 April: Voltri.

12 April: Montenotte.

13 April: Millesimo – Cosseria.

14 April: combat of Dego.

21 April:defeat of the Piedmontese near Vico; the French entered Mondovi.

27 April: Bonaparte arrived in Cherasco and was lodged at Count Salmatori’s palace.

28 April: treaty of Cherasco.

10 May: storming the bridge over the River Adda, at Lodi.

14 May: Napoleon entered Milan.

30 May: battle at the bridge of Borghetto-Mincio; occupation of Valeggio.

1 June: the French troops reach Verona.


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